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Fashion in Ancient China Comparing the Rich and Poor

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Sarah Sanderson

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Fashion in Ancient China Comparing the Rich and Poor

Fashion In Ancient China Ancient Chinese Foot Binding Clothing!!! Tunics Types of clothing Rich and Poor Rich and Poor Differences How they did it! Poor People What is it? Silk Hemp What type of material they used Silk would be worn by wealthy (rich) people. Silk was made from the cocoons of a silk worm. The way the Ancient Chinese people made their silk was a secret for hundreds of years. If poor people were caught wearing silk they would be punished. Hemp was a fabric that the poor people would wear. Hemp was made out of plant fibers and it was a great fabric for working out on the farms.
Hemp was also good for the poor people because it was cheep for them to make. - Silk is a soft material for the rich people.
- Hemp was a rough material for the poor.
- Silk could only be worn by rich and wealthy people
-Hemp was a material that was only worn by The poor people. Foot binding is a procedure that the Ancient Chinese people use to do. It would make the girls foot only about 3 inches long (If it was done properly). It would include breaking every toe except the big one (So they could still balance). This procedure would only be done to women because the men thought that it looked beautiful. Poor people usually couldn't afford to have there child's feet strapped because they needed them to be able to work in the fields. So instead of it being done when they were younger they had it done before they got married because other wise the man could call off the marriage. Tunics were one of the most popular clothing items. Both men and women wore them. For the woman they would wear them down to the ground and as for men they would have it to their knees. Woman would also have a sash tied around it. In winter, tunics were still worn but because it was cold they would wear warm padded jumpers over the tunics Clothing would depend on how wealthy you were. Some people would have their clothes made out of silk and when cotton was introduces they were mostly made out of that. Once cotton was introduced there wasn't a social difference between rich and poor. -Rich people had much finer clothes.
-The clothes that the rich people wore would be made out of much finer material for example silk
-The clothes that poor people had were not as beautiful and they were not made of fine materials like silk. By Sarah Sanderson Differences between Silk and hemp - Rich children would have their feet strapped between the age of 4 and 6

- Poor people would only have their feet strapped when they were older because they still needed to work in the fields with their parents My Two Sources The first source relates to my topic because there are the shoes that the Ancient chinese people would were after their feet had successfully been strapped. Women would have to walk around in these shoes after their feet were strapped. The second source relates to my topic because there are some of the clothing items that the ancient chinese people would wear. They are now in a museum for people to go and see them. Accessories And hair styles in Ancient China Accessories in Ancient China weren't like our accessories today. They wore it to show other people how rich they were.
For men’s accessories they would wear either wear a belt buckle or a belt these would be decorated or had of bronze and even gold if they were really rich.
For woman they would have a string of jade tied onto their sash of once they were married they could pin their hair up with a comb made from ivory bamboo and even jade. Hair styles have changed over many years but this is what the ancient chinese people would do:
For men they would Men use to tie there hair back into a knot and then after that they would put a piece of cloth or a hat on top.
For woman they would Braid their and then they would tie it back with a comb made out of Jade, ivory or bamboo, but they could only do this once they were married.
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