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No description

Sabine Straßberger

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Milka

geographic constraints WEAKNESS -
Corporate Social Responsibility MAKE TODAY DELICIOUS founded in Switzerland in 1901

MILch + KAkao
(milk + cocoa)

brand of Mondelez International, Inc. 2 Vision ....create delicious moments of joy 3 Mission ...serve the customer with high quality, readily
available products & offer value for the money spent 4 Strategy integrity & synergy of employees

sustainability of customers

protection of the planet`s well-being 5 SWOT Analysis WEAKNESSES STRENGTHS OPPORTUNITIES THREATS brand recognition
product diversity
market power CSR
geographic constraints emerging markets
extension of target market strong competition
stagnating markets STRENGTH -
brand recognition alpine milk delicious taste STRENGTH -
market power STRENGTH -
product diversity Cookies Easter Special chocolate bars cakes product cooperation high quality STRENGTH -
market power 1 General Facts
2 Vision
3 Mission
4 Strategy
5 SWOT Analysis
6 Alternatives
7 Recommendation AGENDA = MILKA 1 General Facts 1 General Facts - Locations limited global brand awareness & product diversity no code of conduct no seal of approval child labor no social standards customer value OPPORTUNITY -
emerging markets priority markets: Brazil, India & Russia STRENGTH -
market power THREAT -
strong competition Internet THREAT -
stagnating markets discretionary income health concerns EURO 6 ALTERNATIVES THANK YOU FOR YOUR
ATTENTION 7 RECOMMENDATION extension of product range to niches online presence & social media introduction of a code of conduct CODE of CONDUCT OPPORTUNITY -
extension of target market diabetic chocolate bars organic chocolate bars MILKA Sabine Strassberger
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