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"I Wanna Iguana"

Day 1 whole group to be used with teacher's edition.

Luke Bergeson

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of "I Wanna Iguana"

How do you know if a solution is a good solution? Turn to pg. 232-233. What problem does the boy in the window have? Do the kids in the kayaks look like a happy team? Does the picture of the kids under the umbrella show a problem or a solution? Amazing Words Write these amazing words. quarrel stubborn obstinate disagree Listen for these Amazing Words as I read "The Contest." have different opinions Phonics cuddle candle table bubble little bubble marble puddle handle wiggle middle giggle eagle little cattle title Comprehension compare and contrast to tell how things are ALIKE and DIFFERENT Vocabulary http://quizlet.com/_90q8o
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