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Life Cycle of Plants

No description

Chelcie Gramza

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Life Cycle of Plants

Plant Life Cycle What are the stages of a plant life cycle? What is a life cycle? A life cycle is the stages of growth a plant makes from the beginning of its life to the end of its life.
It develops into something different during the life cycle, during each stage. A life span is the length of time from beginning of its life to the end. It is how long the plant lives.

All plants have different life spans. Think about plants. What do you think is the first stage in a plants life cycle?
What do plants start off as? Seeds Plants start off as seeds. With the right conditions, the seed can begin to grow. The seed needs:

* water
* air
* the right temperatures
* food/nutrients A seed has an outer coat called the seed coat. The seed contains stored food that helps the seed germinate, or begin to grow. When the seed coat absorbs water it becomes soft and allows the seed coat to split and it sprouts, and gets tiny roots. Sprout Sprouting is when the seed coat splits and a little green sprout with tiny roots comes out. With the right conditions the plant can continue to grow and go to the next stage in the life cycle. Seedling Seedling is when the plant is very young.
A seedling is like an infant Mature Plant As the plant grows from a seedling it becomes an adult/mature plant.
Mature plants have flowers/fruits which have seeds.
The seeds start the life cycle of the plant all over again. Seed Sprout Mature/Adult Plant Plant Life Cycle Seedling
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