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Kellin Quinn

No description

Aly Call

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn
a hero to many
Sleeping With Sirens
-Lead singer of the band Sleeping with Sirens.
-Had a musical interest since he was very young.
-Wrote his first song in the 7th grade.
-It was about his father.
-Meford, Oregon
-Son of Mary & Jeuse Bostwick
-Parents divorced when he was only 3 years old
Kellin Quinn (Bostwick)
-Born April 24, 1986
A fan wrote Kellin a letter.
Helping & saving people
One of Kellin's most known quotes is one about self-harm.
I believe this makes him a pretty good person to look up to.

He falls under three of the six categories of what a hero is:
Helps People
Saves People
There for people
The Music
Inspiring lyrics
"sometimes you gotta fall before you fly"
"don't give up because you're losing".
"A trophy fathers trophy son"
-talks about him not growing up with a father.
His has had the most effect overall.
Through his music, he has an unknown impact.
Heroic Quotes
My Hero
Personal reasons why Kellin is a hero to me.
Influenced me to turn bad situations into good.
Used to blame myself for my moms abandonment.
SWS songs that have helped me the most:
A trophy fathers trophy son
With ears to see, and eyes to hear
Blame their bad past for the way they act today.
his fathers abandonment flourished his music career.
He is a husband & a father.
He puts his family first.
He is a fantastic daddy to his daughter Copeland.
Also, an amazing husband to his wife Katelynne.
characteristics of a hero:
-Well known for good

-Helps people
-Saves people
-There for people
-Has an unknown impact
-Someone you could live up too.
Troubles as a child
Kellin got in trouble at school.
Cheat CD's
Potato gun
-Found a coping skill within music.
She was reaching out to him
Has learned from all experiences
kellin & his band mates will always be heros.

-Through their music
-They love their fans
Im a hero to them, also.
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