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Mayan & Aztec Pyramids

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Alison Nguyen

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Mayan & Aztec Pyramids

Mayan & Aztec Pyramids
3 Mayan & Aztec Pyramids
Where Are They Located?
Materials Used To Build:
The Materials Used by the Mayans to build their pyramids were:
Architectural Point of View
Why Did they Build These Pyramids?
Role in Everyday Lives:
The Construction of the Pyramids
El Castillo Pyramid in Mexico
3 Popular Mayan & Aztec Pyramids Includes: 1) Caana (found in Caracol Belize)
2) The Temple of the Murals
(in bonampak mexico)
3)El Castillo (in XunantunichBelize)

The Mayans and Aztecs Built these pyramids for religious/ceremonial purposes.
What Purpose did they Serve?
These Pyramids were built as Religious temples. The priests believed that these temples will pleased the gods. On important days or events, they would perform rituals and give human sacrifices to the gods.
-These Temples were used for important rituals and sacrifices
-They were built with astronomy in mind, meaning these temples were aligned to the movements of celestial objects (Venus,moon and our sun), this resulted in a calender
Why were they created in this shape?
These pyramids had flat square tops instead of triangular tops like the ones in Egypt because religious ceremonies were being held up there, priests even had their homes built up there.
Scientist concluded that it must have took thousands of workers years to build, they baked limestones and craved into it, then it was hauled to the site by rope and wooden sleighs. Workers used a block and tackle system to lift the limestone blocks up the pyramid.
When Were They Built?
The Mayan Pyramids date back to 3000 years ago.
The Aztec Pyramid were built around 7700 AD.
Group Members: Alison, Arnin, An, Landun, Brintha & Brianna
Sizes of Pyramids ranges from a small 10 meters high to astonishing 115 meters high pyramids
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