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Setty Engineering

No description

Vikram Devaiah

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Setty Engineering

“Designing Building Systems for the Next Generation”
Revit O&M on a laptop or Ipad
Revit Analytical Standards
View of the Power Connection missing from the Equipment
Collision Detection
Revit Family Creation
CAD to Revit Services
BIM for Contractor Shop Drawing
BIM support services
Presentation Overview
Company Introduction
BIM Support Services
Revit Family Creation
Revit O&M on a Laptop or iPad
Revit Analytical Standards
The Talking Pen
Setty has the Means and Experience to Deliver a Full Spectrum of Services, Whether Associated with:
Setty Provides:
Master Control Integration
MEP Forensic Investigations
Energy Conversion Management
Energy Audits
Energy Modeling
Peer Reviews
Post Occupancy Evaluations
Construction Inspection
Construction Management
Ductwork Sizing
With REVIT, we can now resize the ductwork without any additional software.
Company Introduction
Setty was Established in 1984
Offices Located in Fairfax, District of Columbia, New York, Baltimore and India
Workforce of more than 150+ professionals consisting of Registered Professional Engineers, Registered Architects, Certified Commissioning Agents, Certified Energy Managers, LEED Accredited Professionals, Certified Peer Reviewers and Certified Construction Managers.
Innovative Step
Can provide updates in any language to the field personal on RFI’s and Submittals that are associated with this particular system
2” steel, schedule 40.
Provide 1” fiberglass insulation,
Chilled water supply piping,
connect piping to pump P15
The Talking Pen
Plans will be printed with a Proprietary Pattern of Micro-Dots
The Optical Pen will then read the Micro-Dot information and translate it into useable information for the builder
Interference Check
Between Mechanical and Electrical
Between Mechanical and Structural
REVIT Family Creation
Grundfos Pumps/ Florida Heat Pumps-REVIT Models
Setty was Awarded a Worldwide Contract to Create BIM Objects for One of the World’s Largest Pump Manufacturers to Meet LOD 500 Standards
Integrated Project Delivery due to Interoperability
Realize Faster Design to Documentation
Increased Accuracy in Designs from Quality 3 Dimensional View
More Accurate Construction Cost Pricing
Smoother Installations
Working with more Consistent Construction Document Reduces Change Order Cost
Reduces the Coordination Errors between M/E/P Design Team Along with Architects and Structural Engineers
BIM helps to bring
Can bring verbal communication to the static drawings through the integration of the specifications and project information
BIM Automation
Building Models
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