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Thesis - Defence

No description

Dominik Schwarzenbarth

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Thesis - Defence

Bachelor Thesis - Defence
"Research on what service delivery system will maximize sales in the first year when commercializing the service of drinking water inspections for legionella for NCH GmbH in Germany"
After an exploration into the topic-related literature and the current situation, it became clear that:
Conceptual Model
Research Findings
Final Conclusion
Dominik Schwarzenbarth

Research Objective
To find a service delivery system that will maximize sales for NCH’s service of drinking water inspections in Germany so as to obtain revenue of 35,000 Euro in the first year.
sales can be positively influenced by increasing customer satisfaction
customer satisfaction can be influenced by user-friendliness
competitors have a poor online presentation
target customers have one common need
Proposed Solution
Approximately 67% of the respondents say that
for a customer interface is the
most influential attribute on customer satisfaction
A user-friendly website and customer interface are able to positively influence customer satisfaction and thus are very likely maximize sales of NCH’s service of drinking water inspections for legionella in the first year.
develop a user-friendly website and customer interface
promote the EOU of the website and customer interface as the service’s unique selling proposition
make sure that all customer data, especially sensitive data, are safe
give customers the possibility to tailor the delivery system to their specific needs (Customization)
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