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Ballin prezi by declan wedlock

Top Ten Sports [Basketball] Sports Marketing Assignment

Declan Wedlock

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Ballin prezi by declan wedlock

Barclays Center
Brooklyn, New York
Brief History
• invented by a Canadian educator and physician, James Naismith (1861-1939).

• Introduced the game while he was an instructor at the Young Mens' Christian Association Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts.

• All the instructors were required to make recreational activities for the students, and Naismith wanted to incorporate elements of American football, soccer and hockey in his game.

Where it's
How it's played
Top Players
Top Teams
Target Market
Branding / Liscensing
Establishing a strong brand that connects with consumers is critical to success
In the sports & entertainment worlds, it can make or break you
Successful sports identities are:
Brief History
• The objective of his game was to throw a soccer ball in fruit baskets nailed to the rails of the gym balcony.

This included the 2 point scoring system, but no dribbling. Just passing.

• The first basketball game was played on March 11, 1892 in Springfield, Massachusetts by his students.

March 11 1892
first basketball game was played

Jan 18, 1896
college basketball
game played
Nov 7, 1896
professional game
Jan 1, 1916
NEW RULE: dribbling
June 18, 1932
formation of FIBA
Aug 7, 1936
as an Olympic sport
June 26, 2002

first non US citizen
drafted in NBA:
Yao Ming
June 6, 1946
NBA formed
Jan 11, 1968
Naismith Hall
of Fame
Oct 12, 1979
first 3
pointer scored in NBA
April 24, 1996
WNBA formed
The ball is moved down the court toward the basket by passing or dribbling. Played with 5 players from each team.
The team with the ball is called the offense.
The team without the ball is called the defense. They try to steal the ball, make shots, steal and deflect passes, and catch rebounds.

When a team makes a basket, they score two points and the ball goes to the other team. If a basket, or field goal, is made outside of the three-point arc, then that basket is worth three points.

Ticket prices vary depending on where the game is played and where the seats are located exactly.
For Example:
Air Canada Center:
Toronto Raptors
VIP AREA: $826-$1400
Courtside Rows: $84-$320
Balconies: $10-$84
For Toronto Raptors vs. Boston Celtics
Wed. Oct 16/ 2013
The European Basketball Championship
24 teams in total
the main basketball competition that takes place bienially
governed by Europe
France won at the 2013 games
The International Basketball Federation
General Audience
People of any age who enjoy the sport; fans of any ages, both genders, all classes of people (middle,lower, upper class).
People from anywhere in the world can watch basketball, whether it be a local team watched live or viewed online from other parts of the world.
Specific Viewers
Some people watch certain leagues, (women-WNBA, teens-NCAA) depending on age, fan-base, gender, etc.
Basketball, especially at higher levels (NBA) can be played at any rectangular shaped court.
In Canada, a common basketball venue is the
Air Canada Center
located in
Outlets & Venues
Staples Centre
Los Angeles, California
Verizon Centre
Washington, D.C
Madison Square Garden
Manhattan, New York
American Airlines Arena
Miami, Florida
In the states, more venues are available. Some of these include....
Toyota Center
Houston, Texas
By Declan Wedlock
The National Basketball Association
Distinguished men's professional basketball league
Widely considered to be the premier men's professional basketball league in the world
30 teams
The Women's National Basketball Association
a women's professional basketball league in the United States.
12 teams
f Basketball

Recreational youth leagues are available for children and teenagers to learn basketball
usually run by private organizations as well as city recreation departments

College teams compete against other universities at different division levels as part of the NCAA, which governs collegiate basketball games and teams
televised games
approx. 345 teams
The most elite players in college are selected by teams in the NBA in an annual "draft" where teams select individual players in order based on a draft lottery

Players who excel in youth leagues often go on to play high school basketball
Teams play other high school teams from their area and, based on regular-season success, may go on to play for area and state championships
Chincese Taipai
Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia
National Basketball League
FIBA Africa-Afrobasket
Professional league
8 teams
for females and males
Australian Basketball Association
the second-tiered semi-professional men's and women's basketball minor leagues in Australia
10. Tim Duncan
two MVPs
four titles
13 straight seasons on both an All-NBA and All-Defensive team
9. Shaquille O'Neal
led the Lakers to 3 titles
made 16 All-Star teams
rank 6th on the league's career scoring list
8. Kobe Bryant
5-time NBA champion
4-time NBA MVP in All-Star game
Most offensive rebounds in an All-Star Game
16-time Player of the Month
7. Oscar Robertson
1 Championship
His 186 triple-doubles are a record that may never be broken
6. Wilt Chamberlain
possibly the most dominant player in NBA history
7 scoring titles, 11 rebounding titles, four MVPs and a 100-point game
2 championships
5. Larry Bird
Arguably the best pure shooter in league history
3 straight MVPs
3 Championships
4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
5 championships
6 MVPs
his league-record 38,387 points
3. Bill Russell
11 Championships in 13 seasons
2. Magic Johnson
3 Championships
5 MVPs
1. Michael Jordan
six titles, five MVPs and 10 scoring titles
has a basketball & marketing legacy
Ticket prices can also very depending on the level of basketball (professional, college, etc.) or the type of game (playoffs, finals, etc.)
For example, a ticket to a regualsr college game will be cheaper in price compared to an NBA finals ticket.
Michael Jordan's Marketing Legacy
$80 million/year on
endorsement deals
$60 million a year on his
Nike/Jordan brand
Net worth is $650 million
Top NBA Teams in 2013
10. Sacramento Kings
9. Brooklyn Nets
8. Golden State Warriors
7. Houston Rockets
6. Miami Heat
5. Dallas Mavericks
4. Boston Celtics
3. Chicago Bulls
2. Los Angeles Lakers
1. New York Knicks
NBA Sponsors
- Bud light, Redbull, Footlocker, McDonalds, Mercedez Benz, Shell Oil

Afrobasket Sponsor
- Mobile phone operator Orange

Online gaming brand BoDog Asia (six figures)

- Samsung, Petrol, Telekom Slovenije

Lebron James signed a huge 7 year endorsement deal with Nike in 2003 earning him $90 Million
After Allen Iverson first signed with the Sixers, he signed a $50 million, 10-year contract with Reebok
2003 NBA Commercial
Billboards & Posters
Social Media
NBA Stores
Barclay's Center
Brooklyn, New York
Question #1
What were James Naismith's titles?
a) educator and physician
b) educator and basketball player
c) educator and psycologist
Question # 2
Who was the first non-US citizen to be drafted in the NBA?
a) Jeremy Lin
b) Dirk Nowitzki
c) Yao Ming
Question # 3
What are the 4 levels of basketball?
a) Youth league, high school, college, professional.
b) amateur league, high school, professional, olympics
c) youth league, high school, professional, international league
Question #4
How many teams are in the NBA?
A) 29
B) 35
C) 30
Question #5
Which basketball player has a marketing legacy?
a) LeBron James
b) Michael Jordan
c) Allen Iverson
What popular TV movie was the intro music from?
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