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My Profile

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Cao Nguyen

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of My Profile

I live in Phu Giao district where does not have any beautiful scenery but it is a peaceful place to live and enjoy my live
Work experience:
I used to join in some soft skill courses, especially computer and communication skills, that can help me improve myself and prepare for my future career.
I'm an active person so I usually go to some places, where is far from my home town to find new interesting feelings and create special memories for my life

My Profile
Thank you!
+ My full name: Nguyễn Thị Thanh Cao.
+ Now, I'm a third - year student at Eastern International University.
+ My major is Business Administration.
+ Date of birth: 17-07-1993
+ E-mail: cao.nguyen.k1sba@eiu.edu.vn
+ Phone number: 0969.150.150
+ Address: Phươc Hoa village- Phu Giao district- Thu Dau Mot City- Binh Dương province.
This is the link, that can help you visit my home town: http://thanhcaoblog.wordpress.com/my-location/
My hobbies!
+ Traveling
+ Shopping
+ Going to the cinema with close friends
+ Cooking with my mom
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