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Anatomy of a Blue Sheet

No description

Janet Loh

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Anatomy of a Blue Sheet

Anatomy of a Blue Sheet
This presentation will explain how to use a "Blue Sheet".
"Blue Sheets" are also known as "Request for Proctoring forms".
They are a written contract between the student, the faculty member and our office to communicate the date, time, and accommodations for each exam.

Without a fully completed and signed Blue Sheet,
DSP is unable to schedule your exam.

Please fill in your student information.
Tommy Trojan
1234 5678 90
MATH 220
123 456 7890
Indicate your approved testing accommodations as listed on your DSP online profile.
Testing at DSP
Tommy Trojan
Please sign and date
You may write more than one date as long as the standard length and agreed start time is clearly indicated for each exam.
Your exam must begin after 9am, and end before 5pm Monday to Friday, when the DSP office is open.
Please write the length of the exam without any calculation of extended time.
For special exam arrangements such as a calculator or notes, please have the professor indicate here.
If your professor or TA checks "Yes" for this option, it allows you to reschedule the time of your exam for the same day without having to reconfirm with your professor. You must still submit a rescheduling form 1 week before your exam date.
For any special instructions concerning your exam, please indicate under "Additional Instructions", such as if the exam has a CD or audio portion.
Please indicate how the exam will to get to the DSP office.
Indicate how the exam will leave DSP. The DSP office does not email or use campus mail to return completed exams. Exams must either be picked up from our office at STU 301, or returned by the student.
Your professor/TA must sign and date the "Blue Sheet" for it to be processed.
Remember, you must submit your "Blue Sheets" to the DSP Office in STU 301 by the deadline:
Thank you for watching!

If you have any questions regarding the "Blue Sheet" or testing at DSP, please contact the DSP office via email at exams@usc.edu or in person at STU 301!
If your accommodations are not on this form, please write them by "Other".
This section should be completed by the Professor or TA.
weeks before your exam date

weeks before the first date of Finals week
1 hour
John Traveler
TCC 123
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