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World Geo Chapter 1: Tools of Geography

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Bryan Poepperling

on 14 August 2016

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Transcript of World Geo Chapter 1: Tools of Geography

Chapter 1: Tools of Geography
Mr. Poepperling
World Geography
The Main Purpose
Of Maps
Map Problems
Map Titles
and Symbols
and Latitude
Ticket Out Of The Door! Ch. 1 L1
1. What two things do maps show?

2. How does scale affect maps?

3. Why are latitude and longitude important to maps?

4. 5 Sentence explanation of why map symbols are important to maps
Standards and Objectives
Ch. 1 Lesson 1
Florida State Standards
SS. 912 G1.1, SS. 912 G1.2, and SS. 912. G.1.3

1. Explain the purpose of and problems with maps
2. Explain how a scale affects maps
3. Relate the importance of latitude and longitude to maps

- They are two-dimensional, and the Earth is three-dimensional:
- All maps are distorted

- Ways of dealing with distortion include globes and map projections
- The title
tells what the map shows

- A Compass Rose
shows directions on a map

A legend or map key
identifies symbols on a map

- A grid
organizes space on a map
- Latitude:
runs east and west around the globe
*Most important is the
- Longitude:
runs north and south from pole to pole
*Most important is the
prime meridian
*Next important is the International Date Line*
make up geographic coordinates of a place
Map Scale
- The scale on a map tells you how the distances on the map compare to the actual distances on Earth
- A
large scale
map gives you a close-up view of a small area with a lot of detail

- A
small scale
map gives you a larger area with less detail
*Map scales tell you how
to read distance on a map*
- For Geographers, maps are tools that show where things are on Earth

- Maps show absolute and relative location of places on Earth

- Absolute:
Your street address
- Relative:
Directions to a certain place
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