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Unit Two: Understanding and Navigating Informational Text

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Shira Carroll

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Unit Two: Understanding and Navigating Informational Text

Fact– something that can be PROVEN TRUE.

It was raining outside.
I had two sandwiches for lunch.
It is October!
Miss Carroll has a lot of shoes.

Topic: The beach

Your job: Think of one sentence related to the beach that you would find in a:



(3)reference material

(4)instructional material
Fact and opinion
When someone asks if something is “credible”, they want to know if it is believable

Learning Targets 4 and 5
Unit Two: Understanding and Navigating Informational Text
Learning Target #4 → I can identify the difference between fact and opinion in writing

Learning target #5 → I can determine the credibility of a text based on the facts and opinions.

Fact and opinion
Many facts and opinions are “black and white” which means that its clear whether or not it is a fact or opinion.
That pizza is disgusting – clear opinion.
I have two pieces of pizza – clear fact.
But…some facts and opinions are in the “grey” area and are difficult to figure out.
They thought that farming the land was a simple job. -- ?
They knew how wonderful the trip would be. -- ?
I blame you for losing my wallet. -?

Miss Carroll, I want the “right” answer! Which one is it????
Readers have to understand that sometimes, there is no “right” answer, and that the only solution is finding YOUR “right” answer by thinking critically!
It could be a fact OR opinion. It’s your explanation that really counts!


Facts and details in informational texts have to be accurate and credible in order for readers to “buy in” to the message.
Why is it important to have credibility in a historical account of World War II?
Author Credibility
Central idea/details and credibility
Opinion – Something that CAN’T BE PROVEN TRUE

There has been too much rain this year.
Those sandwiches smell delicious!
October is the most fun!
Miss Carroll has the best shoes in the universe.
Is this credible?
I consider myself an expert on the game of football. My dad really likes to watch football, so I think I understand the game very well and often find myself offering to explain it to other people. Football began in America many years ago, and it has changed in many ways. Currently, teams have to try to score goals by shooting the ball into the endzone. If the defense stops the offense from scoring, the defense gets 10 points. If teams are tied at end of the 3rd period, then the captains have to “rock, paper, scissors” to determine a winner. As you can see, I have a lot of football knowledge to offer anyone looking to learn a new sport.
Is this credible?
I consider myself an expert on the game of football. Having played football for 13 years and coached for 10, I think I have a lot of knowledge about this amazing sport. As a coach, I focus on game strategy and I like to condition my players for the grueling(tough) four quarters full of quick sprints and crunching tackles. Currently, I’m teaching my quarterback how to look downfield and find the open wide receiver instead of throwing straight into the opposing defense’s coverage.
It is nearly impossible to determine if something is credible and worth trusting if you can’t figure out what it is about!
Determining the central idea and details helps you figure out what the author is trying to say. Once you do that, you can figure out if what they are saying is CREDIBLE(believable)!
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