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Research Paper Writing Process for English 9 & 10

This is an overview of a research paper for the students of English 9 & 10 at San Pasqual Academy.

Natalie Priester

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Research Paper Writing Process for English 9 & 10

Remember to keep the purpoose in mind, but do not write it directly in your paper! Research Paper teach your readers about your subject support your ideas with a variety of facts Purpose show the results of your research Introduction Paragraph
Engaging Opening Preview of Main Ideas Thesis Statement Use a fact, quote, or anecdote
the subject the heart of the essay

subject + main opinion = thesis

everything must relate to this
Body paragraphs Topic Sentence Concrete Details (Sources) Closing Sentence Conclusion Paragraph Restate Thesis Summarize Main Ideas Final Thought topic of paragraph facts to support the
topic sentence & thesis tell where you found the information, unless it is common knowledge wrap-up paragraph & transition to next restate using new words mention topic of each body paragraph lasting statement APA Format Cite Sources within Text Create a Reference Page Use Standard Formatting Ms. Natalie Priester
San Pasqual Academy
http://spamspriester.blogspot.com English 9:
How did a foster youth become successful?

engilish 10;
How Has the Internet Changed the world? Prompts We will research and follow the writing process Relax!
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