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No description

Mayen Aguilera

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Warhol

Warhol Aguilera Mayen Aguilera
Period 6 Born May 1, 1954 in Malibu, California, Warhol Aguilera and her family lived in a beautiful beach house along side the Pacific Ocean. Her mom Indiana Aguilera and her dad Lichtenstein Aguilera, who were both art teachers and shared a love for art, decided to name their daughter after a fresh and new upcoming artist, Andy Warhol. Being the only child, Warhol was very close to her parents, and they brought her up to love and appreciate art as well. 1950s On the summer of 1957, Warhol, and her family
took a trip to NYC, As they were walking
through Times Square, they saw a man up in a ladder painting a billboard. They found this interesting enough to take a picture of him,
and they later found out that it was James Rosenquist, a famous Pop artist. Andy Warhol was having his first West Coast exhibition in the Ferus Gallery of Los Angeles on July 9, 1962. Since Warhol and her parents were on summer vacation, they decided to take her to the exhibition as a late 8th birthday gift since he was her favorite artist and he was who she was named after. 1960s Before heading off to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Warhol decided to stop by Indianapolis for the grand opening of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where Robert Indiana's "LOVE" sculpture was debuted in 1970. Warhol's mother was named after him, so she took an interest in seeing his work. While at the grand opening, Warhol was able to see Robert Indiana from afar as he was showcasing his sculpture. 1970s Early Life In 1980, Warhol and her boyfriend Trevor lived in New York City. When they were taking the subway from Broadway to Central Park, they saw a very interesting black and white graffiti on the walls of the subway station. They took a closer look and saw that the graffiti had been done by a guy named Keith Haring. 1980s In 1996, Roy Lichtenstein donated 154 prints to the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. Warhol decided to drive down to Washington with her husband Trevor to show her daughter Tessa and her son Wayne the famous Pop artist who their grandfather had been named after. When they got to the gallery they were amazed by his wonderful works of art.
Sadly, the following year, Lichtenstein passed away. 1990s On September 11, 2001 Warhol and her family were invited to see an art exhibition in the World Trade Center. Warhol had to decline the invitation as she was going with her family to visit the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh so they could see the art of who she was named after. They later found out that the two towers had been destroyed. 2000s http://www.plan59.com/prints/prints_popular.htm
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