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Magnetism vs Gravity

No description

Josh Kottiri

on 9 January 2016

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Transcript of Magnetism vs Gravity

Magnetism vs. Gravity

The Experiment
In this experiment the weight of magnets were changed, in order to test the opposition of gravity through repulsion of magnetic poles.
If the Magnets are repelling each other at a greater force than the reppeled magnets, the force can cause an opposition of gravity itself. The relationship is the force of magnetism to gravity.
Background Research
For this experiment the properties of magnetism and gravity are essential. the tester has to understand the friction in magnets, and how gravity is related to weight.
The Model
The more ,Magnets the more strength.
Works Cited

Pogue, David. Science of Everything: How Things Work in Our World: From Cell Phones, Soap Bubbles & Vaccines to Gps, X-rays & Submarines. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society, 2013. Print.

Over all the experiment had succeeded. To test resistance the weight of a few magnets were changed; the power of repulsion was great enough to raise the repelled magnets.
Insights and Reflections
Using a stronger base than play-doe is preferable. Maybe a wooden base with plastic poles in them would be a better choice.Changing the weight of the magnets is essential to test resistance. Each plastic pole should have its own magnet with its own weight.
Physical Science Project
Josh Kottiri
This project needed one source. all other sources were vague.
The whole idea of this experiment is to create an area on the apparatus in which there is a massive amount of negative friction (no friction zone). A real life example of this is the Maglev train.
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