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Sport Education Model

No description

Lisa Dettelbach

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Sport Education Model

Using teamwork to be successful in Phys. Ed
Sport Education Model
Possible Roles in Sport Ed
Will lead all fitness component warm-ups containing cardio, strength, and stretching/flexibility.
Will adapt warm-ups so all members are successful and continue to offer encouragement and praise during the warm up

Will take a leadership role, organize the team, and make sure that roles of teammates are followed and sportsmanship is shown
Will discuss the rules and strategy of the game within their team
Will discuss and plan offensive and defensive strategy with their team
Will lead all sport related drills/warm-ups
Will organize and lead appropriate practice drills that will make the team successful
Will provide tips and guidance for team members during drills

Will help resolve and issues that arise during game play and ensure all team members show sportsmanship
Will be in charge of calling all fouls for their team
Will make sure to enforce all violations

Will keep score/report all game results to the teacher
Responsible for collecting & recording data during game play (goals, conversions, turnovers, etc.)
Responsible for reporting results (team & indivual) to the teacher

What is the Sport Ed Model?
A student-run education model where students assume roles within their teams.
Why are we doing it?
It maximizes participation and includes all students.

It promotes student responsibility, leadership, and cooperation.

Helps students develop knowledge, skills, and fitness specific to particular sports.

It's fun!

Equipment Manager
Publicist/Media Team
Equipment Manager
Will gather all equipment needed for pre-game practice and direct activity set-up.
Will return all equipment and make sure it put away neatly.
Will help teacher with set-up & breakdown, if needed.
How will you be graded?
Everyone will be graded as a team using the rubric provided.

Graded Categories include:
Fitness Warm Up
Sport Warm Up
Your team follow directions, the first time they are given
Your group gets started on the warm-up, practice, game set-up quickly
There is obvious group organization during the warm-up, practice & game

Team members are polite and respectful of team members and opponents.
Team members show sportsmanship when winning or losing
Team members encourage each other (they don't yell or put each other down)
Fitness Warm-Up
Includes cardiovascular exercises
Include muscular strength exercises
upper body
Includes flexibility/stretching
Everyone is involved in the warm-up
Warm-up starts quickly and continues until the teacher signals
Sport Warm-Up/Drills
Includes all team members
Includes sport-specific drills & practice to help the team improve
Warm-up starts quickly and continues until the teacher signals

Publicist/Media Team
Create team logo, posters, etc
Document team success through pictures, videos, & social media
Helps with awards & end of season celebrations

What does a typical "season" or unit look like?
Day 1: Team Set Up & Expectations
Day 2-5: Skills & Drills with your teams (led by trainers, coaches & captains)
Day 6-11: Pre-season/In-season Games
Day 12: Championship/Celebration
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