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Introduction or make-up to the speed calculation

Rod Williams

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Speed

Here are some problems ...
1) Find Speed
2) Find Distance
3) Find time
- a measure of the rate of change
- how fast position changes
- to calculate speed
Speed equals distance divided by time
Divided by
So ...
Units for these quantities are :
speed =
meters per second
distance =
time =
1) find speed
2) find distance
3) find time
A bike rider travels 500 m in 25 seconds. What is his speed?
s = d / t
so ...
s =
500 m
25 s
s =
20 m / s
Now you try a few...
a) A swimmer covers 150 m in 75 seconds. What is her speed?
b) A car travels 1,200 meters in 200 s. What is its speed?
A rabbit is running at 8 m/s. How far will it go in 4 seconds?
d =
s X t
so ...
d =
8 m/s
4 s
d =
32 m
Now you try a few ...
a) A snake slithers along at 2.8 m/s. How far will it go in 18 seconds?
b) A shark swims through the Gulf of Mexico at 5.3 meters per second. How far will it go in 12 s?
A car covers a distance of 575 meters, while traveling at 25 m/s. How long does this take?
t =
d / s
so ...
t =
575 m
25 m/s
t =
23 s
Now you try a few ...
a) How long does it take to go 25 meters at a speed of 1.75 m/s?
b) A baseball is thrown at 72 meters per second. How long does it take to get to home plate 12 m away?
You should now be able to complete the speed assignments. When you are finished, you may take the speed party. Good Luck!
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