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Princess: The True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia

No description

Alexis Garcia

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Princess: The True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia

The True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia Important Characters Princess Sultana she was the youngest of eleven children
not like ordinary Saudi Princess
she is a strong believer in equal rights for Saudi women
her arranged marriage was for love, unlike many arranged marriages in Saudi Arabia Sultana appears as a pampered Saudi princess who seems to have it all, yet she faces the challenges of the crude and unjust treatment from the Saudi Arabian men, specifically her father and brother. Kareem only has Sultana as his wife
marries Sultana because of love, verses wealth
disregards his mother's negative opinion about his marriage
shows the utmost respect and love for Sultana Kareem is a wealthy Saudi Prince that exhibits respect and love for his only wife, Sultana, a situation that rarely occurs in Saudi Arabian marriages. Ali Ali resembles a typical male in the Royal Suadi Family who exhibits cruel and unjust behavior toward woman in and outside the royal family. favored by his father
is the brother of Princess Sultana
only male in the family, besides his father
abuses his high status for his own benifit
was taught to be disrespectful towards women In the beginning of the story, Ali displays his first act of cruelty toward his sister Sultana by beating her to the ground after refusing to hand over an apple. The father supported Ali’s behavior and decides to punish Sultana for standing up for herself. Ali continues to exhibit crude and unjust actions toward Sultana and her sisters, in one instance he forcefully took a puppy from his sisters to later throw it out the window of a moving vehicle. After enough of Ali’s torment, she exposes Ali’s secret collection of Playboy magazines, something absolutely forbidden to have in Saudi Arabia. The Father is furious and severely punishes Ali for his crime. Later after the incident, Sultana is horrified to watch her sister be forcefully wed to a sixty-seven year old man at only sixteen years old. In months she attempts suicide to escape the sexual torment from her husband, the mother forces a divorce Sadly shortly after Sarah’s divorce the mother is diagnosed with cancer and dies shortly. Sultana is devastated of her loss. Sultana’s best friends Nadia and Wafa tried to invite her to hook up with foreign men but was turned away with fear of being caught. Unfortunately they were both caught eventually. As punishment Wafa was wed to a Bedouin man in his fifties while Nadia was drowned by her father. As Sultana’s 16th birthday came close, she was horrified of marriage after seeing what Sara went through. Luckily, however, she was wed to a kind man named Kareem who was only 28 years old. They were both wed and went on a wonderful honeymoon, she was truly happy. They soon had a son and two daughters and spend the next eight years together. Though it was common for men to have up to four wives, Sultana freaked out of the suggestion by Kareem to wed another women. She decided to take the kids and run to Europe. FREEDOM With no choice, Kareem decided to meet Sultana’s demands by agreeing to never marry another women while married to her and give her more control of her travel privilages. AND RELIGION
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