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Scenic Designing

No description

Beth Vaughn

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Scenic Designing

Process Of Designing Perspectives Scenic Designing Beth Vaughn Essential Question 1.Read and re-read the script
2.List of needs
3. Rough Sketches
4.Concrete Sketches
5. Scale Model How does a theatrical designer adapt The Hobbit for theater? The Designer Factors: Space
Cast The Director The Audience The Designer Essential Question How does a scenic designer adapt "The Hobbit" for theatre? Collaborates with scenic designer about different designs and ideas.
Helps to ensure that the designer accommodates for actors
Works together to augment the show.
React to what happens on stage with either positive or negative feedback.
This is the Designers main focus other than enhancing what the actors do. Many designers go about creating sets in different ways:
Other ways Bibliography
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