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Why Recruit?

No description

on 8 August 2018

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Transcript of Why Recruit?

Students likely to attend the University of Idaho:
High Schools in Idaho & surrounding states.
Community Colleges in Idaho & surrounding states.
Why Recruit for Range?
Help students who are likely/willing to attend the U of I and have an
for rangelands to DISCOVER rangeland degree and careers and
ENROLL in RANGE at the U of I
Not a problem at this time. Once a students chooses range, they generally graduate in range.
Nearly all graduates (~90%) with a range degree, get jobs in rangeland management or closely related field.
Potential Students with an Affinity for Rangelands Likely/Willing to Attend the University of Idaho.
Well-qualified Range Professionals are Needed.
There are not enough well trained graduates to meet demand
Idaho is a Range State.
Our graduates can advance the economic and ecological health of our state to address of our Land Grand Mission.
We have a Great Degree!
We don't need to create it, just keep it.

Few Students = No Degree.
If we don't have enough students we can't justify the degree or faculty needed to support it. This would be
Bad for Rangelands and Communities
that rely on rangelands.
Students with and AFFINITY for range.
Like working & playing outdoors.
Like wildlife & natural landscapes.
Enjoy living in the West.
Interest in agriculture and livestock.
Few students interested in range degrees because:
Don't know rangeland degrees/careers exist.
Think range is all cows.
Target Audience
Enroll in a Rangeland Degree at the University of Idaho
Graduate with Range Degree
Rangeland Career
Community College
Enroll in Other Degree at U of I
Potential Range Students:
Students at UI
Community Colleges
High Schools
Advisers/School Counselors
Range Professionals (e.g., Alumni)
Agencies who need graduates
Partners who want well qualified range professionals on the ground (i.e., Ranchers, Alumni, IRRC, CERN, TNC, etc.)

Three Audiences for Recruiting
Recruiting Tools:
Personal Contact

Fact sheets

Web Info:
UI Web Page
RSEC Web Page
Connect to other Web Pages
Need to always find a way to help students discover rangelands and learn that rangeland careers exist.
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