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Final Copy of Day in the life of a Severity 1 Ticket

No description

Deepika Chopra

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of Final Copy of Day in the life of a Severity 1 Ticket

A Day in the Life of a Sev 1
Determine if Incident is a Sev-1
Resolution of a Sev 1
Service Desk
Global Command Center (GCC)
Business Account Team
Other Internal Department
Incident Reported

A Possible Sev 1 incident is reported in different ways. 1) User reports the possible Sev 1 to the Service Desk & Service Desk notifies GCC (via call or email) 2) GCC receives a call or email from the Account Manager, Account Executive notifying directly of the possible Sev 1
If Service Desk is notified of possible Sev 1, first they conduct initial analysis, log incident and will notify the GCC of possible Sev 1
a. Service Desk gathers and enters the information given by the caller on Service Now
b. Assign a ticket to a group and give it a rating of (Sev 2, 3, or 4) depending on the information provided
c. Service Desk notifies the GCC of a possible Sev 1 and provides basic incident information
If GCC first receives the notification, they gather the information given by the caller

Log Incident and Initial Analysis
Investigation, Diagnosis and Communication
after notification investigation
GCC gathers information from individuals reporting incident
GCC gathers information from Gear, Service Now and Account Team
If the information is incomplete on Service Now, GCC will update it
Account Team engages application technical contact to assist with remediation
Account Team also determines business impact
GCC Management Team verifies the verbal info given by the individual(s) reporting the incident and make sure is accurate (
GCC contacts account executives, SME’s, tier 3 and tier 4 support teams to find the actual facts)

Incident Sev-1 Determination
GCC Service Manager determines required remediation team and gets their contact information
GCC Service Manager notifies individuals involved via phone, email or IM (depending on the information available)
GCC Service Manager notifies individuals of open technical bridge info and opens a bridge (escalates to next level if not response by remediation team)
Account Manager opens Informational bridge

If incident is not determined to be a Sev 1, the Sev 2, 3 or 4 process will begin
If Sev 1 is officially confirmed by GCC Management, the Sev 1 Resolution process begins
Individual(s) that reported the incident will gather Sev 1 supporting documentation
Individual(s) that reported possible Sev 1 will send supporting documentation to GCC Service Manager
Global Command Center (GCC)
Third Party Vendor
Internal Department
Research and Involve Relevant Teams
GCC Official impact clock starts
Information is researched and a determination is made if there would be additional teams required for the remediation of the Sev 1
Research is done to get the contact information of the parties involved in the remediation
The parties involved are notified of the Sev 1
A conference bridge is open to discuss and get updates from the parties involved
Escalation and Resolution
Internal departments involved in Sev 1 collaborate together to resolve the issue
Group that owns the relationship with 3rd party vendor will be contacted (if a third party is involved in a Sev 1)
GCC sends alert Sev 1 notification and updates accordingly

Third party vendor works on Sev 1 and is engaged as needed (if a third party vendor is involved in the remediation)
User verification and Recovery
GCC follows up on Sev 1 if it is still open (sends updates hourly & follows up with Remediation Team)
After Sev 1 is resolved
Incident summary is sent out to GCC and PM Team
Executive Summary is sent out to executives and management team
The Critsit is finalized and published
RCA is created and published
Day in Life of Incident # INC008657147
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