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An Abundance of Katherines

No description

Amanda Jansen

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of An Abundance of Katherines

Colin only likes girls named Katherine
Colin always gets dumped, he has been dumped 19 times
He wants to create formulas for why he got dumped
After the 19th breakup he went with Hassan on a road trip to Gunshot, Tennessee
Everything they do reminds Colin of a moment with a Katherine
While in Gunshot, Colin meets a girl named Lindsey and Hassan meets a girl named Katrina
With his formulas he found out that something strange with Katherine number 3
They find out that Katrina has been cheating on Hassan
Colin's life turns around
Diction is a speaker’s or writer’s choice of words. The use of diction really makes the story come alive in the eyes of the reader. Using descriptive words controls how people understand the story. Without diction, the story wouldn't come alive.
An Abundance of Katherines
Amanda Jansen:P6:4/7/15
"Missing her kept him more awake than coffee..."(15). This is a good use of diction because it shows how much each of Colin's past Katherines mean to him and how he has such a hard time dealing with breakups.
"Without Katherine and without the Theorem and without his hopes of mattering, he had very little"(110). This is a good use of diction because it really shows how much he cared for Katherine and without her, he feels like he has nothing except for his books.
"The future is unpredictable"(213). In this example the author is trying to show that Colin's theorems won't always work and how you need to play life how it comes to you.
The theme of the story, is remember the past but don't let it control your life. Diction helped create the theme because without it, you wouldn't fully understand how Colin takes his heartbreaks with his Katherines. "I just love her so much"(10). "I just want to crawl into a hole and die"(8).
This story would fit into the Contemporary time period because it reflects how many people live today.
By John Green
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