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Interactive Notebooks

No description

Abby Salas

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Interactive Notebooks

Top 5 Pieces of Advice
1 --
you are using an Interactive Notebook
2 --
Come up with a
3 --
Do not get overwhelmed
by planning out every foldable and every page
4 --
Do not drive yourself crazy
to come up with phenomenal pages.
5 --
your kids how to use an Interactive Notebook

The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable students to be creative, independent thinkers and writers. Interactive notebooks are used for class notes as well as for other activities where the student will be asked to express his/her own ideas and process the information presented in class.
What is an Interactive Notebook
Set Up & Preparation
Before School Starts
- Decide how you want to set up your notebook
- How you are going to hold students accountable for their notebook

First couple days of school
- Set up notebooks with students
- Explain in detail how you want notebooks kept throughout the school year
- Model to students in your own notebook

Throughout the school year
- Keep a notebook just like your students
- Plan ahead and use the web for inspiration
Example of a Foldable
Fronts Foldable
Student Thoughts
Abby Salas, Brittany Groce, Dusti Gardner, Janet Baity
Interactive Notebooks
Interactive Notebooks in Science
Organizer for learning
Benefits to Students
Improves organizational skills
Supplies Needed
Spiral Notebook

Student Work

Thinking tool
Accessing learning using different modalities
Formative assessment tool for teachers
Improves critical thinking skills
Expresses understanding creatively
Colored pencils
Notebooks are open
Students are engaged
Learning styles are met
Classes that Use Interactive Notebooks
1st Time Using
Help Learn Better
Improve Your Grades
Stay Organized
Student Comments
"I feel good because when I'm struggling on something I can always go back and look over my notes."
Research Based
Eventually Got the Idea of an Interactive Notebook
Continue Using
What students want in their Notebooks
"foldables or maybe flashcards things that are fun but you also learn from them"
"More examples"
"more tabs to help me spot what i am looking for"
"a section for finished homework"
"study guides"
"They're great because I don't really like writing. I have sloppy handwriting."
"I like it better than regular notes. It helps me to stay organized."
"I like the foldables better than notes"
"I like it. I understand better with the notebooks because we are working together."
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