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Dangers of Cheerleading by Faith Evanson

No description

Faith Evanson

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Dangers of Cheerleading by Faith Evanson

Dangers of Cheerleading
By:Faith Evanson

Famous Injuries
Jamie Woode had a famous injury. "The start of the second quarter of Tuesday's game between the New York Knicks and the Orlando Magic was delayed when a Magic stunt team member was rushed to the hospital after she fell and hit her head on the court. Jamie Woode, a former cheerleader at the University of Central Florida, was rushed to the Orlando Regional Medical Center and treated for potential head and neck injuries, the Magic confirmed Tuesday night."

Thesis Statement
Cheerleading has many stunts and tumbles, some of which can be potentially dangerous.
Images and Video
Other injuries pics
Always have a Spotter
You must always have a spotter no matter what! It is very dangerous to try to do any of these stunts and tumbles at home.
Stunts/ Tumbles
back handspring
back tuck
back walkover
backward roll
front handspring
front tuck
round off
tuck , etc.
The aerial is essentially a cartwheel that flies through the air without the hands touching the ground.
An arch is your spine bent backwards. It sounds very painful, but actually is very soothing after a hard workout (that is for your back not so much you arms, legs, and butt). It is nothing like a arch you think of.
Picture Sources
www.wikimedia.com - St.louis arch pic
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Information Sources

Back Handspring
A handspring is an acrobatic move in which a person executes a complete revolution of the body by lunging headfirst from an upright position into a handstand and then pushing off from the floor with the hands so as to leap back to an upright position.
Back Tuck
An acrobatic flip is a sequence of body movements in which a person leaps into the air and then rotates one or more times while airborne. Grabbing under the mid-thigh and landing it.
Back Walkover
A back walkover is an acrobatic maneuver in which a person transitions from a standing position to a gymnastic back bridge and then back to a standing position again, undergoing one complete rotation of the body in the process
Backward Roll
Bend the knees to arrive in a tucked (squat) position, and bend the arms so that the hands are next to the ears. Roll backward quickly enough so that the weight shifts first to the lower, then the upper back, then the hands, and finally to the feet again. Return to a standing position.
A bridge is attained by lying on your back. Place your hands on the floor by your ears and bend your legs. Push your hips towards the ceiling and arch back. Ideally a bridge should have straight legs and shoulders pushed out over the hands.

A circular sideways handspring with the arms and legs extended.
Front Handspring
A handspring is an acrobatic move in which a person executes a complete revolution of the body by lunging headfirst from an upright position into a handstand and then pushing off from the floor with the hands so as to leap back to an upright position

Front Tuck
A frontward flip in which your knees and hips are bent and drawn into
the chest; the body is folded at the waist.
an act of balancing on one's hands with one's feet in the air or against a wall.
Round off
A round-off is a very basic gymnastics move. It is similar to a cartwheel, except the gymnast ends by bringing his legs together and snapping his legs down into a standing position.

~ignore the flip off of bar~
an acrobatic movement in which a person turns head over heels in the air or on the ground and lands or finishes on their feet.
In a tuck a gymnast is bend at the hips and the knees. Sit on the floor with your legs in front of you. Bend your knees so that your knees are touching your chest and your feet are tucked in close to your body.
(89.56% of cheerleaders break a bone
Cheerleading is the #1 most dangerous sport in the world (exception of extreme sports)
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