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songs for the outsiders.

find songs on the internet for the book the outsiders hat go with the chapter.

Kiana Edwards

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of songs for the outsiders.

save a life chapter 2 song chapter 3 song chapter 1 song chapter 4 song chapter 5 song chapter 6 song chapter 7 song chapter 8 spng chapter 9 song chapter 10 song Castle of Glass by Linkin Park.
The reason for this song is because,
this song was made for the wonded
and killed soldiers from over seas and
this part of the story reminds me
of that song. chapter 11 song chapter 12 song I chose pumped up kicks by the fosters
because it says "all the other kids with
pumped up kicks you better run better
run out run my gun" and i thought it
went well with this chapter because the
soc's were after ponnyboy and johnny. I chose burn it down by linkin
park because it says "we're
building it up to break it down,
we're building it up, to burn it down,
we cant wait to burn it to the groun." I
thought it fit to this chapter because of
the church burning down. I thought that the song what
I've done by linkin park would
be a good pick for this chapter
because ponnyboy is having a
hard time beliveing that his best
friend is dead and thinks if he had
never had done this or done that
that johnny would not be dead.
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