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Percent for Art Proposal

No description

Jennifer Yip

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Percent for Art Proposal

Objectives Percent for Art Grant Proposal Jennifer Yip Overview:
Proposed Strategy
Budget Questions? Proposed Budget:

Personnel (Salaries) - $24,960/year - field workers
$70,000/year - conservationists
Supplies - Brushes, Burnishes, Sculpture Tools, Minarettes, Cleaning Aids, Etc. - $5,000/project

*Budget for each project varies. Methodology: Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Lorenzo Pace, Triumph of the Human Spirit, 2000 The Need: Funding for conservation of Percent for Art pieces to maintain and preserve the integrity of art pieces for the public in the five boroughs. Goal: To improve maintenance of permanent public art projects and preserve current and future projects. What is Percent for Art? In 1982, the Percent for Art law was initiated by Mayor Edward I. Koch and passed by the Council of the City of New York requiring that one percent of the budget for eligible City-funded construction projects be spent on artwork for City facilities. Administrated by the City’s Department of Cultural Affairs, the Program began in 1983 with the development of a procedure for determining eligible projects and an equitable artist selection process. Ensure that all projects commissioned starting 2014 are properly maintained within 6 months of completion. Enable intensive restoration of 2 pieces in each borough for a duration of 1 year. Create legislation instituting restoration and maintenance of art pieces to be overseen by DCLA.
Allocation of funds will be proportioned by DCLA to hire conservationists.
Conservation agencies will be appointed to each piece with a panel of architects, artists and agencies. Overall Budget : $600,000/year Feasibility: Contingent on the ruling from the Office of the Mayor. Tomie Arai, Discovery, 2001 Eung Ho Park, Bowling Ball Curtain, 2003 Ursula Von Rydingsvard, Katul Katul, 2003 Jorge Luis Rodriguez, Growth, 1985
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