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Lung Cancer

Exhibition Project 2013

Brenda Hernandez

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Lung Cancer

The Journey Through Lung Cancer Lung Cancer Change How do genetic traits lead to lung cancer? Causation What are different ways to look at lung cancer? Perspective Reflection Function Why does smoking affect lung cancer? Responsibility What might be the consequence of lung cancer? Form What is lung cancer like? Connection Is the media connected to the growing population of smokers ? There is no growing population of smokers. It decreased but since 2005 to 2013 it has stayed the same. How is lung cancer related to other diseases? Lung cancer is related to asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, and tuberculosis because they all affect our lungs and our breathing. You get aches all over, it's hard to breathe, you have a raspy voice, and it's hard to sleep for a long time. What warning signs do you see in lung cancer? You have a chronic cough, a shortness of breath, chronic mucus production, wheezing, coughing up blood, and chronic chest pain. How has lung cancer changed the lives of ones who have been affected? They have experienced different emotions including fear of death, anxiety, anger, and depression. In which ways has lung cancer changed over time? There have been fewer deaths. Men, women, and children who get lung cancer have an 80% chance of living. When you smoke, tar gets stuck in your lungs making it hard to breathe. This is called emphysema. The tar gets stuck while going through the nasal passage causing smokers cough. What are other ways one can get lung cancer? Pollution, smoking, industrial compounds, radon, second hand smoking, and genes can cause lung cancer. Genes come in pairs and work together to make a product; therefore the gene that has cancer passes it down to the next. How does lung cancer lead to death? It is the number one death cause, and it can lead to death in different ways like tumors, infections, medical errors, medication errors, and complications in surgeries. Even though lung cancer causes lots of pain and sadness, one good way to look at it is through research. How do people in other cultures view smoking? Native Americans use a peace pipe and smoke signals for religious celebrations such as religious dancing. Some people who are Rastafarian believe that smoking marijuana brings you closer to God. You lose your hair, there's a lot of pain, and it's hard for family members. How does lung cancer influence our way of life? You need a lot of support from friends, family, and doctors. How did we reach our conclusion about lung cancer? All the answers to our questions help us learn and understand more about lung cancer and how it affects the people around us. Attributes Transdisciplinary Skills Thinking Skills- We used thinking skills when we thought about how we were going to present our prezi. Bibliography What does our research tell us about lung cancer? It tells us how lung cancer feels, how it affects the people who have lung cancer, and tells us how to prevent(avoid getting it). Thank You!!!!!! Thank You to our wonderful mentor Mrs.Hernandez! Attitudes Creativity- We had creativity when we came up with ideas for our presentation and poster. Curiosity- We had curiosity when we wanted to learn more about lung cancer and smoking. Enthusiasm- We had enthusiasm about our learning when we were excited to know more about lung cancer. Inquirers- We were inquirers when we asked questions about lung cancer. Thinkers- We were thinkers when we thought about our questions. Reflective- We were reflective when we reflected in our journals. Research Skills- We used research skills when we researched for information about lung cancer. Communication Skills- We used communication skills when we communicated with each other about our ideas and feelings. Getting To Know Lung Cancer: YouTube Video Human Body Systems: Book Author: Sharon Katz Cooper Published By Compass Point Books in 2007 pgs. 27 & 28 I Know Someone With Cancer: Book Author: Sue Barraclough Published By: Heine Mann Library in 2011 pgs. 6-11, 13, 14, 20 www.lungcancer.about.com Healthand.time.com www.press.umich.edu/ www.religionfacts.com www.webmd.com www.lung.org We also want to give a special thanks to our beautiful teacher Ms. Franco! Thank You very much to Mrs. E. Adame! Thank You to our awesome audience! Ella Croyle, Amanda Cisneros,Karolina Vargas, and Shelby Miller Ms. Franco's 5th grade class Question and Answer Interview with Mrs. E. Adame
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