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FMP Prezi

No description

Molly Newman

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of FMP Prezi

The target audience for it will be people aged 16 and up because of the immature comedy. Personnel Requirements Production schedule USP ~ DSLR cameras
~ Voice/sound recorders
*Booked out from college

~Editing software
*Access to at college and home

*Edd (group member)
*Elliot (group member)
*Grant (helper)

~ Band instruments
* Grant's (helper/actor) drum kit and guitars
* Edd's (group member) guitars.

*Access to 2 cars Market assessment and analysis Personnel:
~ Me:
College: Thur-Fri
Work: Sat-Sun
~ Edd:
College: Thur-Fri
Work: Mon-Wed
~ Grant:
College: Mon-Fri
Work: Fri-Sat
~ Elliot:
College: Thur-Fri
Work: N/A
~ Ollie:
College: Thur-Fri
Work: N/A

~ Camera: DSLR Cannons x2:
Book out from college
~ Video Recorder:
Book out from college
~ Lighting
~ Instruments:
Drum kit: Grant
Guitars: Grant/Edd

Attic: Grants house
Garage: Edds house
Elliot: House
Edd: House
Grant: House
Oliver: Games room

Available days for recording:
~ Monday
~ Tuesday
~ Wednesday We will record in nearby locations. Using our homes such as garage's and attics, we thought theses locations would suit the 'wanna be rock star', we will have to get permission to record in some of the public places if we decide to use them. We have access to the equipment we need, the only budget we might have is for petrol if we go to different locations that aren't in walking distance.
We have access to 2 cars if needed. In this Project I am working as a team to create a Rockumentary following a 'wanna be' rock band called 'Eskimo Brothers'.

It will be a Rockumentary about the band coming to fame and how they progress as well as what a bands private/social life is like and how it differs from the 'rock' life. Allo Thank you for listening The research showed that the majority of the people we asked would be interest in watching a Rockumentry. Around half of the people we asked had watched a rockumentry before, most of them had watched Spinal Tap, and a few different ones such as Foo Fighters Back and Forth, Rock Profile and A Mighty Wind.
It shows that Spinal Tap is a popular rockumentry so i looked into it to see what made it successful. The results we got were positive, it showed us that rockumentry’s appeal to a wide target audience and they appear to be found interesting I also found out that they though that rockumentry's were targeted at mainly males, but only a few thought they were aimed at females as well.
The results also showed us how wide they though the target audience was.
It showed that rockumentry's would be suitable and appeal to all ages (apart from young children), this might be because there are many different rock bands of different ages through out the years, classic rock bands that are aimed at the older generation as well as modern bands that are aimed at the younger generation. I also found out that they though rockumentry's were targeted at a chosen audience from the type of humour/comedy that is involved also because 'Rock' is quite a popular music genre. ~Shy: Myself and Olli
Be in charge of filming/recording and editing, small acting parts if needed.

~Asthma: Edd
Safety checks in locations, make sure not too much dust/anything that could cause problems.

Edd, Elliot louder and confident with acting This Is Spinal Tap
The film, which poked fun at groups like 'Led Zeppelin' and 'Aerosmith'.
Comics were members of a wacky, '70s band that was facing a popularity dive in the '80s.
The soundtrack (where the cast members played their own instruments) was a smash hit. You don't get many rockumentry's and they are aimed at a much wider target audience.
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