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By Max Hammond

No description

Margaret Myers

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of By Max Hammond

Thank You!
What are the conjugations of IR?
The conjugations or IR are in the yo forn VOY, in the tu form VAS, in the el/ella/usted form VA, in the nosotros form VAMOS, in the vosotros form VAIS, and in the ellas/ellos/ustedes form van.
What is an infinitive?
An infinitive is a spanish verb where it is not said who is doing the action. So it is not conjugated. The possible endings for a infinitive are ir, er, or ar.
Examples of infinitives
Some examples of infinitives are bailar, jugar, and nadar.
Examples of ir+a+infinitive
here are some examples of ir+a+infinitive.
Yo voy a bailar.
Tu vas a nadar.
Ella va a esquiar.
Nosotros vamos a jugar videojuegos.
I am going to dance.
You are going to swim.
She is going to ski.
We are going to play videogames.

When do you use ir+a+infinitive
You use ir+a+infinitives when you are using the verb ir and you are saying you will do an action.
By Max Hammond
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