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FAT & Thin

No description

Katelyn Anderson

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of FAT & Thin

"Fat & Thin"
by: Anton Chekhov
Known as the thin man, is said to smell like ham and coffee grounds. Porfiry thinks he is better than Misha. He appears to be very boastful. Has a slight bit of jealousy. Porfiry works as a collegiate assessor and carves cigarette cases. He is a clerk and just got transferred to the town as head clerk.He has a wife and a son.
Known as the "Fat Man". It is told that he smells of sherry and fleur d'orange. Based on his attitude in the story, Misha appears to be a generally kind man. He seems as if he is a happy person. Even though he does not look like he is successful, he has a very respectable job as a privy councilor.
A thin woman with a long chin who is the wife of Porfiry. Like her husband, she was very overwhelmed when she finds out about Misha's job. She works as a music instructor. The only other thing given about Luise is that she is from the Lutheran persuasion.
A tall schoolboy with a screwed up eye. He is the son of Porfiry and it is given that he is the his third class of school. He is very shy when introduced to Misha, hiding behind his father. Like his parent's, he was also overwhelmed at the knowledge of Misha's job.
The story begins with one fat man, Misha, and a thin man, Porfiry, meeting at Nikolaevsky station. Misha has just eaten a meal, and Porfiry is getting off of the train with his wife and son. The two see each other and have a little reunion. Porfiry introduces his family, speaking highly of them. The two reminisce on their days as schoolboys. Porfiry goes on about how successful he is doing in life. He is a collegiate assessor and he made cigarette boxes on the side. Being kind, Porfiry asks Misha how he is doing, assuming that he is doing better in life than Misha is. He adds to his question, "I bet your're a civil councilor now, eh?". To this, Misha answers that he is higher than that, and he is actually a privy councillor. Porfiry was taken back by this, turning pale and his whole demeanor changes towards Misha. Porfiry had such fake respect for Misha that Misha became sickened and shook Porfiry's hand, saying goodbye.
Nikolaevsky Station
Nikolaevsky Station is a train station. The reader can infer that it is in Russia since the author is Russian and he uses Russain names for the characters. The reader can also pick out some Russian references that are pointed out in the story.
Motivation: Why does
Porfiry act the way
he does?
Porfiry was taken back by looks, making himself seem more superior and better than Misha, just because he was skinner than him. His attitude towards Misha changes at the end when he realizes that the fatter man is more successful than he is.
Round Characters:
FLat Characters
The theme that can be concluded from this story is not to judge poeple by the way they look. Porfiry judged Misha by thinking he did not have a high class job because he was fat.
collegiate assessor
privy councilor
A trunk or a suitcase
Collegiate Assessor
Eighth rank in the Table of Ranks (a ranking of military, government, and court in Imperial Russia)
Privy Councilor
First rank in the Russian Table of Ranks
obedient or attentive to an excessive
or servile degree
deep respect for someone or something
state of being extremely sweet
At this point in the story,the reader
meets the characters and learns
where exactly this story takes place.
Rising Action
During the rising action of the story, the two old friends share a time of reunion. This part includes Porfiry talking about his profession and his family.
The climax of this story occurs when Misha tells Porfiry that he is a privy councilor, which is a higher rank than Porfiry's job.
Falling Action
At this point in the story, Porfiry's demeanor changes completely. He starts to hide his enviousness by putting on a fake smile. He is obviously uncomfortable and embarrassed by the news he just heard. His family also displays some awkwardness as well
These characters are ROUND CHARACTERS because the reader reads about the emotions that they possess, and these two characters are the two main characters in the story. Their past (being in school together) is also revealed.
These characters are flat because the reader does not know all of the emotions of the characters, and the characters do not use any dialogue during the whole story.
What is ironic about this story is that Porfiry was all boastful about how happy his life is, and how successful he was, not expecting anything good out of Misha based on his appearance. He never thought the fat man would be more successful than the thin man.
After Porfory's whole demeanor changed, Misha became sickened. He was disgusted that his old friend treated him so much differently when he found out what job he possessed. He simply shook Porfiry's hand, and walked away leaving the family astonished.
About the Author: Anton Chekhov
Anton Chekov was a Russian physician, dramaturge, and author during the late 1800's-early 1900's. Some of his famous works includes the plays "The Cherry Orchard", "The Three Sisters", and "The Seagull". He worked as medical doctor throughout most of his literary career. He once said "Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress".

Point of View
The point of view is 3rd person because it has a narrator telling the story, instead of one of the characters.
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