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Italian Neorealism

No description

Lesley Tye

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Italian Neorealism

European Movements
Italian Neorealism and French New Wave
Mussolini - Psuedo Documentaries (Propaganda)
Italian Neorealism (1942-1951)
Post-War: Revealing Contemporary Social Conditions
effects of war
reliance on locales
photographic look - raw/rough
film stock shortage
avoided three point lighting
casting of non-actors
post-sync sound
improvisational nature
camera moved freely
episodic narratives
themes of poverty, unemployment, exploitation
ambiguous/open ending
End of Movement
Economy Stronger
Directors turned to personal
Audience's desire change
Influence on Others
Cahiers du cinema
French New Wave (1959-1964)
Reaction to Established French Film and Hollywood
Auteur Theory
Praised certain directors
Unique stamp/voice in film
Howard Hawks
Alfred Hitchcock
Filmmaker as Artist
New Wave Style
Prolific: Godard - 11 films
neorealist influence - locations
casual look - not always unified
casual humor
lack of goal - aimless
sudden shifts of tone
discontinuous editing
ambiguous ending
Director as Author
moving camera - often handheld
references to other films
plot: loose casual connections
ending of movement - 1964ish...
Television/industry supported New wave
1964 - unified alliance gone
influence on Hollywood
and the next generation....
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