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Lob's Girl Project

No description

Lizzy Merkey

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Lob's Girl Project

Lob's Girl Project
Rising Action
The rising action is all of the events that lead up to the climax. Some of these events would be Lob walking the length of England twice
The climax is where the "big event" happens. This can also be called the turning point, mainly because this is a good place for the author to throw in a plot twist. The climax of Lob's Girl is when Sandy gets hit by a truck, and goes into a coma.
Falling Action
The falling action is when you find out about the events leading down from the climax. In Lobs Girl, the falling action is when Sandy's grandmother takes Lob inside the hospital and he wakes up Sandy
The resolution is when the author tells you how the story ends. In Lob's Girl, the resolution is still inconclusive. After Lob wakes up Sandy, Bert and Jean tell Sandy's grandmother that Lob has been dead, and that Don buried him out at sea.
The exposition is when the author introduces the characters and tells about the setting. The exposition for Lob's Girl would be when Lob and Sandy meet on the beach.
Mr. Dodsworth
Sandy's Grandmother
The Twins
Setting is where, and when the story takes place. Lob's Girl is set in Cornwall, England in the twentieth century, between WWI and WWII
Conflict is the issue or inconvenience that happens in the story. The conflict in Lob's Girl is that Sandy gets hit by a truck and Lob reappears after his death.
The theme is the moral of the story or what the story is centered around. I believe the theme in Lob's Girl is loyalty because Lob walked the length of England twice and came to see Sandy even after he died.
Point of View
The point of view for Lob's Girl is in the Third Person. This means that rather than saying "I went to the beach.", you would say "Sandy went to the beach."
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