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book club project elephant run

No description

zach greenwood

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of book club project elephant run

Elephant Run Book Report By: Roland Smith By: Anthony Soeherman, Matthew Zhou, and Zach Greenwood Plot Elephant Run In the beginning of the Elephant Run, a boy named Nick traveled to a Lumber plantation that where his father was because his apartment in England had been bombed by the Germans. Later after he was picked up by a man named Nang. On their way to the plantation Nick and Nang overheard a couple of plantation workers whispering about how the plantation got bombed after the Japanese wanted to use it for themselves. After they arrive on the plantation it was a very late night so they decided to go to sleep. The next morning he met his father near his bed after he let him use his knife to free a lizard from the mosquito net. Soon after he found that the man was his father and they began to bond all over again after about 10 years of seperation. His father began teaching him how to be a great mahout. After a while of reconnecting with his father. Rangoon fell under an invasion by the Japanese. Nick himself was taken hostage and starts to go crazy while Nang was beaten to death and his father is taken as a POW. After a long and grueling ten months, he finally gets a letter from his father saying that they have moved him to another training camp in Burma. Nick starts to make a plan to get his father back, he eventually gets the help of an old man named Hilltop as their guide and his elephant Hannibal. They start to go off to the training camp where his father Jackson Freestone was kept as a POW. Along the way Hilltop gets captured by Japanese soldiers and he promises that he will be back to help them find there father. Without his guide Nick starts to go off in the same direction. But along the way during the midst of the night he see's some Japanese soldiers buring a so called dead Jackson who was breathing through a corss bamboo to survive. While Nick waits for them to bury them and go bac to the training camp Nick starts to dig out his father and they escape, but just as they get out two Japanese soldiers tell them that the crime they have commited will cause them to get beheaded. Just as the Japanese soldiers start to walk away with Nick and Jackson Hilltop has kept his promise. He escaped the prison cell with the help of his elephant Hannibal and he kills the Japanese soldiers and the manage to get away before any one can notice the dead bodies. Soon after they get an offer to go to the U.S. with his mother but Nick refuses and decides to stay with his father. After a long time of holding down a cattle business Nick's 18th birthday comes along and they get great news that the war has ended. Setting of Elephant Run In the begining of Elephant Run the setting is in a city England. Then the story goes to a teak plantation in Bruma. The plantation is full trees, small villages and elephants. The elephants are used to get the wood from one place to another. Then when the Japanese invade, many of the people and elephants are moved to labor camps. At the plantation there is a airfield being constructed. soon after it was constructed the setting moved from inside the Hawk's Nest to a tunnel system under the Hawk's Nest. Next it moves to the large forest that is close to the labor camps. Once past the camps it moves to a submarine that goes to a farm in Australia. Point of View Point of View The point of view in Elephant Run is third person limited. One example from the book is: "Nick couldn't help but grin. Bukong was in for another surprise when he discovered that his "fiancée" has fled as well." This is an example of how the story was narrated in third person limited. Conflict of Elephant Run May 6th, 2011 Theme of Elephant Run The conflict type was character vs. society. Proof of this is because Nick and his friends were against the Japenese who had captured the teak plantation in Burma. Then Nick and his friends retrieve Mya's brother and Nick's dad even though the Japanese had a many more people than Nick did. Then Nick and his friends escaped the Japanese and got to Australia. The theme of Elpehant Run the book starts out when Nick's home is being bombed by the Nazis and he needs to be relocated to his father's teak plantation. It was to dangerous for Nick to reside in London for much longer because the Nazis were coming to their town and everything was bombed caused in no homes for people. The story is about a boy who tries to reconnect with his father until the Japenese decide that they want to take over the teak plantation for more produce in lumber it becomes a challenge throughout the book. Overall the story is about a boy who overcomes challenges to find his father and hopefully be a family as one once again. Figurative Language of Elephant Run One example of figuative language is "You can rely on a bull, but you can never give him your complete trust. With little warning he will turn on you as quick and deadly as a cobra." Another example of a fiurtive language is "She screamed like a young girl and started slapping and pushing him away, trying not to laugh, and failing." Characterization of Elephant Run The main character of Elephant Run is Nick Freestone. He is fourteen, slightly chubby in the begining. Then after being in Burma for a while he loses some weight. This is because he was very active in Burma, while in London he was not very active because the school sports were delayed because of the bombing runs.
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