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No description

Ed Long

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of OSTANIA®

Rich in polyphenols
Rich in antioxidants

About Ostania ®
The Product
Antioxidant rich, standardised ORAC 7100.
Reduces inflammation.
Reduces harmful free radicals.
A source of mangostin. Xanthones!
Helps with fatigue and patients after chemotherapy.
Proven product currently being sold in other countries for 4 years+

Direction of Use
. 30ml shot or mix 1:1 with water.
. Add to lukewarm or cold water.
. Mix Well & Drink.
Antioxidant Drink
Live Well and Healthy
Protein recovery
Treatment of chronic liver ulcer
Treatment of wound infections
Treatment of dysentery
Skin treatment for photo-damage
Colon protection
(Garcinia Mangostana)
Great tasting, highly functional Mangosteen beverage.
Combination of Mangosteen and superfruits;
Apple, Roselle, Acai Berry, Grape and Pomegranate.
As you have seen Ostania ® highly prized drink is available to you at a fraction of Mangosteen Multi-Level Marketing prices and even comes in a high grade new reusable aluminum bottle. Which can even be re-branded by your own company.
Thanks for you time
Nicklas Dua & Edward Long
Antioxidant Value
Plantation to Fruit to Extracts.
Our extracts are homemade from fruits off our farm.
We know what goes into the soil to achieve a level of traceability processing not at just the processing level but at the grass root level of growing!

This level of detail and attention results in superior quality raw materials and extracts.
How OSTANIA® Helps
Neutralizes free radicals decreasing cancer risk and aging.
Helps the body achieve homostasis.
Great source of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C.
Cleanses the body.
Nutritious and packed with super-fruit nutrients.
Source of natural fruit energy.
Prevent cancer and infections. Boost the immune system.
All of which provide a different range of beneficial Phyonutrients including Xanthones, Oligometric Proanthocyanidins (OPC), Resveratrol, Flavonoids and Athocyanins.
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