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Palmdale School District

Business Services Division Report FY11-12 (as presented on 7/17/12)

Al Tsai

on 4 October 2017

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Transcript of Palmdale School District

Risk Management
Fiscal Services
Child Nutrition
Business Services
Division Update

Presented to the Board of Trustees, July 17, 2012
The Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) exceeds the Life Time Value (LTV) a customer brings us.
This is my third go-around selling to large enterprises, SkyStream, Kontiki and now Qumu.

I like to explain to you the problem the way I see it, the changes I suggest to avoid making the same mistake again. and
Travels to Clients
Document Attachments
Infinite Visions (iVisions)
The new integrated Accounting System
Processing payment for district expenses
General operating expenses

Receiving cash and creating deposits for all funds received

Reconciling Bank Accounts
Accounts Payable Team
Responsible for:
Day to day tracking and adjustment of budget funds

Regulatory Reporting:
LA County Department of Education
California Department of Education
Federal Authorities

Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, and Immediately as requested
Budget Team
Fiscal Services

“To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past.” – JFK

Maximize benefit from the Infinite Visions accounting system to streamline AP processes and smooth intersections between PR and HR

Maintain accounting transparency which assists all departments in making sound fiscal decisions

Continue to focus on accuracy and efficiency
Goals for the future:
Employee Contact Information
Emergency Contact
Tax Withholding
Beneficiaries Designation
Electronic Forms
Streamlines processes
Aides in planning
Automated Leave Approvals
View Pay Records
Request Leave
View Employment Contracts
Full Implementation:
Human Resources by 12/31/2012
Payroll by 6/30/2013

Just in time orders that are received by the school site can be accounted for in the system by the person who receives them.

Audit compliance.
Increased efficiency / Reductions of costs.
Electronic Receipt Acknowledgment
Seamless accounting between departments

Utilizes Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS)

Compatible with LACo Peoplesoft
Less time spent converting account numbers = fewer opportunities for errors

Real Time Approvals
Infinite Visions
Responsible for:

Processing six payrolls monthly for over 2,800 employees/ substitutes

Managing benefits for both current and retired employees

Payroll Team
Approvers will see real-time budget availability
Clear and Concise Reports Available to School Administrators
Quest for integrated HR/Payroll/Financial System
Evaluating and refining procedures for efficiency
Evaluated Best Options
Viewed Systems at other Districts
Narrowed Scope
RFP – Compared Products/Value
2011/2012 Goals – How did we do?
9 Support Media Technicians.
5,248 PCs, 583 PCs managed by each

734 aged systems surplused out
1,465 systems purchased for deployment
316 Tablet devices
82 Smart Boards
150 Assistive Classroom Audio Systems
78 Document Cameras
98 Projectors
75 Mobi Tablets
3,645 Sticks of RAM memory upgrades for existing PCs.
11/12 Statistics
E-Rate - $ 946,934.00 Funds Requested 11/12
Palmdale qualifies for 88% federal funding

Pays for telecommunications
AT&T Long Distance
Pacific Bell
Sunesys (District Fiber WAN)
LACOE – Internet
Technology Plan
The Palmdale School District Technology Plan has been updated

Provides guidance for future purchases

Compliance with CIPA, Children's Internet Protection Act.
Projects Completed
Consolidated technology to District Office.
Staff deployed in an itinerant fashion
Department moved offices to accommodate staff

Work orders used to direct work flow
Accessible by all staff with valid PSD email address.
Palmdale - Technology
Jim Smith – Manager of Information Services

James Bundy – Database Coordinator
Technology Services
11/12 Statistics
General Obligation Bond Technology
District wide WiFi

Web 2.0 Classroom Updates
Anytime, Anywhere learning environments and infrastructures

Windows 7 Deployment
Upcoming Projects
Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium
Computerized, common core testing
Design Lab and Mobile testing solutions for use at each site.
Begin evaluating testing environments
Upcoming Projects
The Online Classroom
Summerwind – Test Pilot – Mobile and BYOD Access.
Site-wide Enterprise WiFi
40 Dell Netbooks
256 Amazon Nooks
60 iPads
Projects in Progress
Aeries – Student Information System
Replacing aged Aeries server. Adding capacity for performance and storage. 5-Year capable.

Adding capability to have personalized dashboards for greater visibility into data at school sites.
Projects in Progress
Replace current Child Nutrition Point of Sale.
Implement all schools lunch lines and manger stations.
Integrate with Aeries Student Information System.
Implement new online parent portal (myNutriKids) for access to balances and nutritional data.
Projects in Progress
Infinite Visions
Replace IFAS as core accounting package.
Implement new employee portal.
Implement Human Resources.
Implement digital document archive.
Projects in Progress
Provides deep graphical representation of data to end users.

Designed and deployed in 11/12:
AYP, API, District Comparisons, and EL Parent Surveys
Projects Completed
Provides data quality analysis and reporting for the Aeries Student Information System.

Assists in accurate CALPADS reporting to the state.
Projects Completed
In Progress
Technology Services
Fiscal Services
Lunch Meal Components
Budget History
Minimum and maximum calorie (kcal) levels
Average over course of the week

Grade Level K-5
Breakfast 350 – 500
Lunch 550 - 650

Grade Level 6-8
Breakfast 400 - 500
Lunch 600 - 700
Calorie Ranges
Breakfast Meal Components
Increase whole grains to 51%
Increase vegetable serving and require as a food item
Reduce starch vegetables
Tighter restrictions on federal funds received
New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition Standards
Meals Served
Todd Cherland, Director of Child Nutrition, Health and Physical Well-Being

Mary Kasarda, Director of Child Nutrition

Assistant Director, Rita Grayne

Assistant Director, Donna Parks
Child Nutrition Administration
Increase communication and collaboration with the District Warehouse to maintain proper inventory control

Fully implement and familiarize staff in the new “NutriKids” software

Pilot innovative meal options and configurations to increase student participation in the school nutrition program
Goals for 2012-2013
Price for paid meals must equal price of federal reimbursement
Meal Price 2012-2013
Developed in 2011
Focus on fruits
Vary your vegetables
Make at least half your grains whole
Go lean with protein
Get your calcium-rich foods
United States Department of Agriculture
Changes made by USDA to improve student health and reduce the risk of juvenile diabetes

Extra fruit or vegetable for breakfast

Smaller portions for students in kindergarten through grade 5

Reduce sodium level incrementally over 10 years to:
Breakfast to 470 mg or less
Lunch to 710 mg or less
New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition Standards
As of July 2012 all fluid milk must be low fat

Unflavored 1% or less

Flavored fat free
Changes to Milk
Child Nutrition Department
Fuel Up to Play 60: Resources for Schools
Healthier Middle Schools:
Everyone Can Help
HealthierUS School Challenge
New HUSSC Criteria
Best Practices Sharing Center
Resources and tools used by State Agencies and School Food Authorities in serving healthy menus that meet school meal regulations
United States Department of Agriculture
Child Nutrition
Health and Financial Fair
Coordinated by Lori Kuriyama
District Ridership
Field Trip Mileage
January 2013
66% of fleet must comply with ARB Standards
31 vehicle in compliance out of 51
Retire 3 vehicles

January 2014
100% of fleet must comply with ARB Standards
31 vehicle in compliance out of 49
Retire 18 vehicles
The Fleet’s Future
100 Buses
36 Transits
5 out of service
1 D.I.R.T
45 Ambulatory
12 out of service
19 Wheelchair
6 out of service
The Fleet
Scale back Crossing Guard Program
Safety Plan & Board Policies
Contract Compliance and Review
Fleet Condition and Replacement
Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team
Vehicle replacement with S.T.A.
Air Quality Resource Compliance
Zonar Installation
School Bus Accidents
Home To School Mileage
109 Locations
69 Crossing Guards

2012-2013 (forecasted)
90 Locations
57 Crossing Guards
Crossing Guard Program
Safe Routes To School
Crossing Guards
Parent Pick-up and Drop-off
Load Zone
Field Trips
Student Behavior
Bus Stops
Grid Code Book
Transportation Services
23% out of service
Copier Lease - Savings
Accomplish $750,000 in repairs, upgrades, modifications using cost efficient and GREEN solutions with available funding to sustain schools in "good repair".
Realize 5% in cost savings (~$175,000) through aggressive energy conservation measures and through the introduction of energy saving products/systems.
Realize 10% in cost savings ($250,000) by leveraging the purchasing power of the District without compromising service and product performance.
Realize a 7.5% increase in productivity through ongoing training. Integrate industry-wide best practices for the Maintenance & Operations staff.
Road Ahead
Prepare temporary David G. Millen (formerly Summerwind AVID) to house 15 classrooms, 495 students
Complete preparations at Site 12
Temporary relocation of Dos Caminos to Wildflower
Continue construction at Dos Caminos permanent facility, phase 2 of site utility
Re-roof Desert Rose and Ocotillo
Paint and residing at 3 schools
Summer 2012
80+ projects
21 locations
8 trades
$1.3 million
75% of projects corrective in nature
Portable classroom, carpet, tiling in restrooms, security, fire, phone system, ramp, asphalt, concrete.
During FY2011-12
Finalized Dos Caminos permanent campus design
Finalized David G. Millen Intermediate School design
Completed construction of solar at 18 schools, 15 are now commissioned
Prepare Site 12 for occupancy
During FY2011-12
Prepare old Mesa Intermediate site
Relocate Cactus Intermediate
Expand Summerwind AVID (7th and 8th grade)
Start-up Temporary Dos Caminos
Coordinate Phase II solar panel construction, 6 schools
Relocate portables to Yucca, Desert Rose, Joshua Hills, and Los Amigos
Summer 2011 projects
Work Orders by Location
Solar Panels, 15 schools – 1 QTR
15 schools in operation effective January 1, 2012

3 schools (Cimarron, Learning Plaza, Tumbleweed – ground mounts) are completed and awaiting final commissioning by SCE

Cactus Intermediate, commence construction Summer 2012
PsomasFMG - Solar Energy
Copier Paper - savings
Copier Rates (per copy) - Savings
Over $35,000 of savings was realized in participating in the Southern California Edison (SCE) Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) program. Participation in the CPP program is voluntary during the summer months (June-September).
Twelve schools and the District Office were cutover from LevelOne to AT&T for Primary Rate Interface (PRI). The switch over to AT&T will capture those costs in the e-Rate program and realizes savings of 85 cents on the dollar. Total annual savings are $70,941.
Work Orders by Trade
1 unit = 748 gallons of water
FY2011-12 used 207,851 units
FY2010-11 used 203,490 units
2.1% increase in units of water
12.3% savings ($42,220)
14.2% decrease in unit cost ($1.65 to $1.45)
Water Consumption
FY2011-12 Goal
10% increase in savings
Water consumption
Ongoing Energy Conservation
Even with Solar Panels at 15 schools sites, the District is still dependent of energy from SCE

Energy is purchased from SCE when total energy demand is greater than solar energy production

Energy is purchased from SCE when there is inclement weather

Energy is purchased after sunset and prior to sunrise

Energy is purchased from SCE at a special “R” rate

Will require 12-months of solar operations for a baseline comparison vs. SCE
SoCal Edison vs. Solar
Energy – 10% savings
Water – 10% savings
Work Orders – 10% increase in productivity
Facilities Projects - $750,000 in repairs
Purchasing – 10% savings
FY2011-12 Objectives
Al Tsai, Administrator
Mike Tocco, Director
Randie Almonte, Supervisor
Maintenance and Operations
Work Orders
FY2011-12 Goal
10% increase in productivity
Maintenance & Operations
completed & scheduled
Maintenance &

Property & Liability
Claims Costs on the Rise
Claims Costs on the Rise
* Training currently required by Palmdale School District
Percentage of Injured
Within Job Class Annually
Claims Filed Per Year
Workers’ Compensation
Program Costs
Low Cost Insurance Parents
May Purchase Through
Pacific Educators
Student Insurance
Claims Overview
2008 - 2012
Property & Liability Program Costs
2006 – 2013
Costs by Job Classification
Actual Costs Incurred 2003 - 2012
Claims by Job Classification
Carolyn Dias – Risk Manager
Dawn Schmucker – Risk Management Specialist
Workers’ Compensation
Property and Liability
Safety and Training
Risk Management
From the Text-A- Tip link, visitors can view a demonstration about Text A Tip and how to send a tip by texting or website report
Top 10 Most Costly Claims

(Self Insured Risk Management Authority I - Joint Powers Authority )
The Safety Committee has made the difference!

Disaster Preparedness

Networking between sites…
…ideas, solutions, best
Liaison between District and Schools

Represents Site Safety Committees

Site Safety Inspections
Safety Committee
A majority of those reports of
DMV action had not received
notification from the DMV.

EPN Program can be a valuable
service to our staff members.
DMV Employer Pull Notice Program
SISC - Supplemental Student Insurance

Offered by Self Insured Schools of California to assist parents with co-pays and deductibles for student injuries during school activities up to $2500
Student Insurance
Average Employees vs. Average Injuries
by Top Five Job Classifications
2007 - 2012
Text-A-Tip allows school authorities and students to have a two-way dialog that is completely secure and anonymous.

Texts can be sent using District keywords: PSDTip, or individual site keywords for immediate location identification.
Includes all employees that drive
for District Business

Includes employees that drive
District vehicles and personal
vehicles during work time

DMV generates confidential
reports for actions taken against
the driving record such as:

Failure to Appear
Suspensions, revocations
Excessive Points

NO Cost to the District!

DMV Employer Pull Notice Program
Proactively Reduces District Liability
Comprised of District Departments:
Student Services, Risk Management, Health Services, M&O, Child Nutrition, Transportation

In association with outside agencies:
Sheriff, Fire, City, County
Development of Emergency Procedures
Emergency or Incident Response
Training in SEMS/NIMS
Incident Command System
District Incident Response Team
Office Ergonomics

Group and individual online
training options for convenience

78% of employees overall completed minimum training in 2011-2012

Monthly training for individual
To learn about Text-A-Tip, visit the PSD website and click on the Text-A-Tip Link
Risk Management
11/12 Statistics
Department is fully staffed

Child Nutrition
Maintenance and Operations
Use of LED lighting in exterior of facilities

Aggressive re-programming of Energy Management System (EMS) software which controls lighting and HVAC in half of our schools.

Staggering start time of HVAC to avoid high peak load factors.

PsomasFMG solar panel installation
Chief Business Officer
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