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Serve to Lead

No description

Alex Janssen

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of Serve to Lead

September 13th, 2017
Serve to Lead
Program Overview


Community Partners

Things to Consider....

How to get started!
Serve to Lead is a component of PLP for all first year students.
Complete at least 40 hours of service
Choose a nonprofit or a local school
Continue service throughout academic year

1. Learn about issues and meet people in the community
2. Develop as individuals and leaders
3. Inspire your Community Change Initiative (CCI) for sophomore year
The Basics
1. Punctuality
2. Excellence and thoroughness at service responsibilities
3. Clear and open communication regarding schedule
4. Proactivity!
Take initiative in finding your role (what work needs to be done, how you can be of best help!)
Expectations of Students
1. Create a document outlining responsibilities prior to the start of volunteering - Provide clear expectations

2. Quarterly feedback for student

3. Provide at least one opportunity for student to see inner workings of office - i.e. Board meeting, Budget meeting, Staff meeting, etc.

4. Verify hours
Expectations of Sites
Community Partner
Service Sites
... small
Children's Hospital
Cooking Matters
Craig Hospital
Project C.U.R.E.
1. Qualifications for Serve to Lead sites:
Nonprofit or local school
Serve for a minimum of 7 months
At least 40 hours of service work
Have a supervisor who will discuss your progress and experience quarterly
Meet a need in the Denver community
2. Meet with Mimi and fill out "New Site" form
Must be approved by Mimi in the PLP office
Access Gallery
Platte Forum
Red Line
Arts and Culture
Bridge Project
Reading Partners
Children and Youth
Denver Urban Debate League
South High School
different site?
Serve to Lead sites can be "messy" at times:
Expectations and responsibilities may be unclear
Supervisor may not always be present
Scheduling issues may arise
Understaffed and overworked
Clients may be different than you (culturally, socioeconomically, value systems, etc.)
Nonetheless you are still expected to:
TAKE INITIATIVE and make it work!
Things to Consider....
You may NOT switch sites once you have chosen.
If there are serious issues, come talk to Mimi.
Switching Sites
Select a site carefully as you will be there all year long!
1. Take a look at partner site descriptions
Based on interest, passion, goals, and helpful future connections
2. Learn about service partnerships
Online websites
Directly with the agency
Through a site visit
3. Choose a site
Contact the site (maybe multiple times)
Find out when you will start and what your weekly volunteer hours will be
How to get started...
To Do....
1. Research sites
2. Pick ONE site
Set up first visit in Sept and frequency
3. Deadline: Monday, September 25 (Week 3)
Stop by Mimi's office and tell IN-PERSON where/frequency
4. Each quarter:
Set-up feedback with your supervisor
Log hours with Helper Helper app
Each quarter- Mimi will validate hours
PLP Website
Current Students
Serve to Lead
Site Summaries
Site Details
Contact Mimi!
Cafe 180
Denver Urban Gardens
Civic and community
Gathering Place
Littleton Immigrant Resources Center
Street's Hope
Women's Homelessness Initiative
Human services
1. Download Helper Helper app
should have gotten email w temporary password
2. After each time you volunteer:
enter in "Past Commitment"
include trainings and transportation time
note "I included transportation time"
3. Validating hours
your site supervisor will validate your hours so make sure that info is correct
4. Other info:
ignore "Opportunities"
website: app.helperhelper.com
Tracking Hours
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