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HSMG Norwalk Presentation

Norwalk Hospital

Kyle Lussier

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of HSMG Norwalk Presentation

Norwalk Hospital

Alexander Harcovitz
Paige Hughes
Kyle Lussier

Nursing Documentation Project -Hospitals and health care institutions around the world have been switching from written, paper documentation to electronic.... ....Norwalk Hospital is currently in the process of doing the same for their nursing staff -Norwalk Hospital has won mutiple awards and "is a leader in health care quality and patient safety"
-In order to ensure that the hospital continues to be of high quality Norwalk must switch over to electronic nursing documentation Nursing Documentation Project (cont) Benefits -The electronic patient information “may include all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to that persons care under a particular provider”
-This clinical data can include demographics, medications, vital signs, medical history, notes, reports, and more 1. Elimination of Paper
2. Increased Revenues and Faster Accounts Receivable Cycle
3. The Safety of Patients
4. E-Prescriptions
5. Improved Reimbursements and Reduced Insurance Premiums We then researched 3 possible electronic devices that could be used by Norwalk Hospital... -Created by Motion Computing, Inc.
-Tablet PC
-Specific to the health care industry
-Based on input from thousands of clinicians to simplify workflow and improve efficiency
-Uses Intel Duo Core Processor
-Compatible with multiple systems Motion C5 Features -User-friendly
-Sealed, water resistant, disinfectable
-Docking stations, wireless
-Capabilities make recording easier
-Barcode scanner, Digital camera, Radio-frequency Identification (RFID), Handwriting recognition, Fingerprint reader, Smart card reader
-Cost: $2,000 to $3,000 depending Benefits/Results -Improved accuracy of patient data
-Increased clinician mobility and productivity
-Greater, faster access to data at the point of care
-Eliminated duplicate entries
-Reduced errors
-Reduced risk of missing or wrong medications
-Easier product disinfection
-More efficient and higher quality of care
-Increase in patient safety and satisfaction
-Awards: International Design Magazine 2009 Honorable Mention
-CeBIT.AU 2008 Excellence in Engineering Design
-Con: Tablet Pens Apple iPad -9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
-Internet access
-16GB, 32GB, or 64GB flash drive
-1GHz Apple A4 custom-designed, high-performance processor
-Full-screen zoom magnification
-Built-in 25-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery Pros and Cons from the healthcare aspect:

-More and more medical applications will start to appear for the iPad
-It’s cheaper than other healthcare tablets
-It was designed to be as user-friendly as possible, so elderly people will also be able to learn to use it easily

-No camera
-No flash (for videos)
-Battery life
-It is too big to fit into a doctor’s pocket.
-iPad is not ruggedized
-No Multi-tasking
-No barcode scanner
-Not water-proof
-Capacitive touch screen/gloves won’t work. Its all in the apps... -As with the iPhone, much of the iPad's potential will depend on the apps developed for it
-It could be difficult for a company to keep all of its iPads updated with a certain set of apps
-The capability to write in handwriting and have it converted to computerized text will become more popular when the prices become competitive (second half of 2010). PDA: Benefits -Small, lightweight, portable
-Easy startup and data entry
-Lower threat of virus attacks
-Improves access and patient data entry
-Easier information transfer
-Reduces errors and lost records
-Able to file prescriptions PDA: Risks/Concerns -Security
-Compatibility with healthcare environment
-Lack integration capability
-Software (Palm or Windows based)
-Small size PDA: SoMo 650Rx -Hospital grade
-Lightweight, durable
-Windows mobile 6
-Can be integrated/customized
-unlike other PDA’s
-Barcode scanner, RFID reader, bluetooth
-Software and utilities are preloaded
-Costs: $500-$600 For the second part of the presentation... -Norwalk Hospital came up with a list of nursing tasks that they wished to use in assessing the benefits of implementation
These tasks included:
-Accessing Patient Chart
-Accessing Patient Results
-Documenting Home Meds of Returning Patients
-Documenting Health History of Returning Patients
-Vital Signs -To get an accurate measure of these times, we took a trip to Norwalk Hospital and timed the tasks personally.
-We were each assigned to a nurse and told to clock the tasks they performed
-We recorded those times on our task sheets, as well as wrote down any factors that may have contributed to the result of those times. There were many obstacles we faced when timing these tasks:
-It was very unlikely that multiple timings for one task would be the same
-The documentation of medications is always done in the mornings
-We also noticed that certain tasks aren’t performed on a regular basis Obstacles -Some problems we ran into had to do with the patient flow charts
-Many times, a nurse wasn’t able to complete and record a patient’s vitals because the patient flow chart was missing
-This also happened when a nurse tried to access a patient’s chart, and it was in the hands of a physician at the time
-Although we found many difficulties with timing, recognizing these things and recording them on our information sheets were important parts of the project
-To assess the benefits of the implementation of an electronic health record system in the nursing department at Norwalk Hospital
-To make educated suggestions on what kind of personal electronic devices would be most efficient for patient documentation Objectives
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