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No description

Cynthia Garcia

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of English

Cynthia Garcia
Andrea Arzate
Kevin Macias Scenario Sequence 3 Emotional Intro. Tamara started to ask for many things that she didn't need, she always blame her pregnancy. Obviously James couldn't afford all things that Tamara wanted, as a consequence Tamara and James started to had some more problems. Problems every time were bigger and bigger, which later on makes James and Tamara break up. When James and Tamara broke up, James thouhgt that he will not have to take any responsibility neither of Tamara and the pregnancy. Thank you The neighborhood accepts on participating in this project. After the first meeting, many parents and other many students get mad because of the way professors describe and talk about pregnancy. Problems every time were bigger and bigger, which later on makes James and Tamara break up. After the break up both of them felt bad for each other. James didn't want his son to grow without a father, and he also missed spending time with Tamara. Tamara in the other hand felt regret because she didn't thought James would accept leaving her and not keep fighting for her, but deep inside her she also felt she needed him. At the end Jack Graduated with honors and goes to College for a Bussiness degree while James did dropout and got a GED that allows him to work on minimum wage. All money James gets is for his baby and Tamara. James parents are always telling him tha if he was in school he could do better but James and Tamaras situation only allows them to work to help each other. Circumstantial What Jack’s parents didn’t know was that James’ girlfriend, Tamara, was pregnant. As a consequence, both of them would have to drop school, situation that Jack’s parents didn’t like and were in totally disagreement. Jack's parents always wanted their sons to finish high school and then attend college, James would not be able to do it anymore. Instead, he would have to look for a job and start saving for the pregnancy. Jack's parents didn't like the idea, so they agree with James that he would have to work after school so that he can at least have his high school diploma. Physical James parents didn't agree in James and Tamara making their lives their own way. They wanted James to be responsible and to take care of his coming son. James and Tamara went on a date and talked about the situation and decided that they needed each other and that it was better for them and for their son to live together and to try and make things work out. As a result Tamara and James talked over their problems before they became worse and the same thing could happen again. A University of Texas decided to invite people from communities to participate in a project to help with pregnancy and dropout rates.
A teen student asked his parents if they could attend this event so they can help his brother who has been having problems.
Thou the project the family learned many ways to help the teen who almost dropout because his girlfriend was pregnant.
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