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Algonquin Area Public Library District Marketing Plan

Algonquin Area Public Library District: 2013 Marketing Plan, January 25, 2013 Staff In-Service Presentation

Amy Vracar

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Algonquin Area Public Library District Marketing Plan

Connecting people and ideas to excite, delight and inspire! Algonquin Area Public Library District Algonquin Area Public
Library District 2013 Marketing Plan Overview of the
Marketing Plan The Marketing Plan included analyzing the Library's current identity to better create marketing strategies. Marketing Strategy 1 Educate staff about the
Algonquin Area Public Library District Brand
with the Library's 2013 Style Guide
and Marketing Plan. Marketing Strategy 2 Update signage and literature through all Library locations. Marketing Strategy 3 Evaluation Analyze program attendance
Analyze usage of electronic resources
Analyze circulation statistics Place The comprehensive physical and virtual space the residents have to access the Library's products and services. Product The product is focused to meet the needs of the residents of the District. Place
Public Products
Services Marketing Tactics Price The price of the products and services of the Library come from the tax dollars expended from the residents of the District and from donations received. Staff Provide services and support to the District's residents and non residents. Public Residents
Non residents Marketing Strategy 4 Marketing Strategy 5 Marketing Strategy 6 Increase Algonquin Area Public Library District's visibility in social media. Increase Algonquin Area Public Library District's visibility in local media outlets. Promote Library resources during school visits. Amplify community outreach. Building a Buzz Library Display Case
Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Outreach Paper Electronic In-Library Posters
Check-out and Renewal Receipts
Posters in the Community Joomla Slide
OPAC Slide
FireSign Slide
Constant Contant
Online Community Calendars
Star 105.5
Social Media
AAPLD Website
On-Hold Commercials
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