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Luke Barrett

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of BASEBALL

Did you know that almost 11 million people around the world play baseball? Baseball became a sport in the 1800s, and is originally from England. In the sport, there are two teams of nine players that go up against each other. There are also two types of fields, the in field and the outfield, 6 people play on the infield, 3 play on the out field. Many people play this sport all the way across the world.
Famous Baseball Players
Some famous baseball players were Babe Ruth (George Herman Ruth), born February 6, 1895, and died August 16, 1948. Babe Ruth was famous for his 714 home runs in 22 seasons. Jackie Robinson is also a very important person in baseball too. He is important because he showed that you shouldn't give up, no matter what color your skin may be.
Famous Baseball Events
The shot heard round the world is a reference to the start of the Revolutionary War in 1775. It was also when a third baseman hit a home run that brought the whole field in and miraculously won the game for his whole team. Another event was in 1947 when Jackie Robinson became the first black male to play in the professional baseball league.
The Creation of Baseball
The earliest mention of baseball iwas in the 1790s but then became a sport in the 1800s. The creator of baseball was Alexander Cartwright. Baseball was usually played on Saturdays in 1823. In 1857 the National Association of Baseball Players was formed by sixteen New York clubs.
Baseball's Importance
Baseball is one of America's best pastimes and that is why so many people play play it each year. A lot of important people and events were included in baseball's past, especially the exception of black females and males. Baseball's creation was important in an amazing amount of peoples lives.
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Famous Baseball Players
Some famous baseball players were Babe Ruth( George Herman Ruth) born February 6, 1895, and died August 16,1948. Babe Ruth was famous for his world record of 714 home runs in 22seasons. Jackie Robinson is also a famous baseball player who is famous for showing that you shouldn't give up on something because of your race.
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