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Zumbara is a social network where groups and individuals can pool and trade experiences and skills, using >me instead of money as the unit of currency

Çiğdem Artık

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of ZUMBARA

what is Zumbara
the magic that zumbara creates
the main innovation
zumbara adventure
main business model some activities main business model the main innovation a social network where groups and individuals can pool and trade experiences and skills, using time instead of money as the unit of currency.. time banking is being practiced in 33 countries worldwide
the main innovation zumbara bring is the combination of this system with social network: Time Bank 2.0
zumbara utilizes social technologies in order to increase the reach of sharing economy and effectiveness of timebanking
Individuals trade services and acts of goodwill, thereby emphasizing the value of time, recprocity, and relationships through zumbara.com
at the moment at zumbara community
12000 people
8000 services listed
over 1500 hours of services exchanges took place white label time banking systems for organizations (companies, private universities, communities etc)

providing system and community management

increasing innovation, motivation and listing information, experience and talent in an entity every person has different skills&talents, abilities, interests, strenghts.
.we can use these differences to make each other's life easier
help someone for an hour
earn an hour and put it your zumbara time piggybank
use this 1 hour to get a service from anyone in the community the magic that ZUMBARA creates contributing to a social change that makes possible more humanistic and participatory values and fostering this change emphasize that everbody's time has the same value at the moment of necessity. (1=1)
reminds that in life there are things more important than money, and the only thing that we really own is our time
makes us to experience that our differences enrich us and we need each other
provides confidence, reciprocity and participation (social capital) sharing economy in the world SKILL SHARES çiğdem asiye artik çiğdem asiye artık founded by Ayşegül Güzel and Meltem Sendag on October 2010
zumbara has met with great interest by the media on June 2011, zumbara got an investment from one of the most important social media agency in Turkey zumbara has received awards from institutions in Turkey and in the world such as Etohum( an ecosystem supporting internet start-ups), MIT business plan contest, Garanti Kagider Women Entrepreneurs contests, Youth Action Net Global Fellow and etc. service changes and some comments BOĞAIÇI UNIVERSITY
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