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CERES Presentation

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Rens Twijnstra

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of CERES Presentation

Entrepreneurs of Change?
ID Academy (ISac.) on
Human Security in Fragile States
Ceres Presentation 26-04-'10 The 'IS Academies' about entrepreneurship and the 'informal sector' throug a policy lens Characteristics of the IS academy
on Fragile States: 3 pillars:
Policy (PBS - Embassies)
Science (Disaster Studies)
Practice (NGOs) PhD trajectories about the differentiation of
the 'formal' and the 'informal' In fragile states, the majority of entrepreneurs work outside of the regulatory frameworks of the state (ie. the 'informal private sector').
For a donor, aiming to formalize this sector (against the grain), may be less favorable than to actually work with the 'informal' (with the grain) (WB). about the 'criminal economy' In fargile states policy, a distinction is made between the
informal sector that is conucive to peace, and the 'criminal'
sector (also 'informal') which may prolong conflict The 'Dutch Divide' between
science and policymaking Mutual learing and informal community
building around themes that inhabit
the academic-policy nexus 'returnee entrepreneurs' and the role of the 'informal' private sector in post-referendum state-building any questions? Grazi!
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