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The Language Of Shakespeare

No description


on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of The Language Of Shakespeare

Is Shakespeare Still Among Us?? The "unorganized" way of his writing Shakespeare's Style deeper meaning of quotes Hell is empty and all the devils are here. The "Dictionary of Shakespeare" Bibliography Wall The wheel is come full circle. Shakespeare is responsible for loads of words in the English language that we use almost everyday! Addiction Assassination Bandit Buzzer Caked Eyeball Flawed Fashionable Gossip Green-eyed Hobnob Invulnerable Impede Metamorphize Majestic Rant Leapfrog jaded Bad writing, but good stories? Shakespeare used a form of poetry called "blank verse".. Why do most people admire his work? Words without thoughts never to heaven go. How are we learning from him? http://www.shakespeare-online.com/biography/wordsinvented.html PUNK I think that Shakespeare means that people are cursing devils and such, but the real devils are actually here inside some people. I think that by this Shakespeare means that whatever you do will come right back at you. I believe that here, Shakespeare means that if one says something good or nice, but they aren't feeling that emotion, it doesn't count in the eyes of god. -Half of the English language that we speak today was invented when he was stuck on words Thanks For listening!!!!!!!!! Curious to find out? -people enjoy his plays due to thoughtful themes and effective figurative language

- often, his words don't make sense; but his plays connected to everybody easily - Shakespeare's literature inspire people with deep messages

- can learn how he phrased simple words into allusive sentences to become better writers In blank verse, a person writes using iambic pentameter. cold-blooded champion Iambic pentameter is a form of poetry where each line has ten syllables, and every other syllable is emphasized. How did Shakespeare shape the English Language? I mean, who doesn't know what all these words mean?? addiction champion critic drugged countless swagger gossip gloomy fashionable negotiate Shakespeare also used (swaggy) flowery prose for his poems. Lund, Norman J., Ph.D. "Why Study Shakespeare." Why Study Shakespeare. N.p., 11 June 2005. Web. 01 Oct. 2012. <http://www.oxfordtutorials.com/why_study_shakespeare.htm>.

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