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Famous Filipinos in Japan

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crystal may coran

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Famous Filipinos in Japan

Famous Filipinos in Japan
Alan Shirahama
born August 4, 1993 is Japanese actor and dancer. He is best known as being a member of the Japanese all-male dance group Generations.

Shirihama was born in Ehime Prefecture to a Japanese father and a Filipina mother.In 2009, he auditioned for the Exile theater company, and became a new member in April 2010. In July 19, 2011, he left Exile to form the all-male dance group Generations.
Chieco Kawabe
is a filipino-Japanese pop singer, model, radio host, and actress. She was born on February 24, 1987 in Tokyo. She married producer Masato Ochi on August 8, 2008.

Kawabe is a weekly host on a radio station in Harajuku, and has returned to the modeling world.

Emi Watanabe
born August 27, 1959 is a Japanese figure skater of Filipino ancestry. Her father is Japanese, and mother is Filipino. She won eight consecutive Japanese championships and earned the first World Championship medal (bronze) in ladies' singles for Japan in 1979.
After retirement, she went into show business and helped to popularize figure skating in Japan
She ran for The House of Councilors election in 2001 from Liberal League, but lost.

Takayasu Akira
born February 28, 1990 in Ibaraki, Japan) is a sumo wrestler from Tsuchiura, Ibaraki, Japan. He made his professional debut in 2005, and reached the top makuuchi division in 2011, the first wrestler born in the Heisei era to do so. His highest rank has been maegashira 1. He has been runner up in one tournament and earned one special prize, for Fighting Spirit.

Takayasu was born and raised in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki to a Japanese father and a Filipino mother, and was a center fielder on his junior high school baseball team. On his father's recommendation he joined Naruto stable upon graduating from junior high school.
Syuri Kondo
born February 8, 1989 is a Japanese professional wrestler, shoot boxer and kickboxer, she was the WNC Women's Champion, and is also known for her work in its two predecessors, Smash, where she was the final Smash Diva Champion, and Hustle, where she started her career as KG (Karate Girl). As a kickboxer, she is affiliated with the Krush promotion, where she represents the Vos Gym training camp.

Kondo was born to a Japanese father and a Filipino mother on February 8, 1989, in Ebina, Kanagawa.She started practising karate in primary school, winning numerous titles, and also excelled in track and field sports in junior high school and tennis in high school.
Leah Dizon
Leah Donna Dizon was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 24, 1986. Her mother is of French descent while her father is half Filipino and half Chinese. Dizon has said that her mother was very strict and monitored her spending habits. When she was 14 years old, she worked at a clothing store and eventually saved enough money to travel to Japan alone for a trip.
She attended the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts for her freshman and sophomore years but graduated from the public Eldorado High School in 2004, where she became active in theater.[7] At the age of 18, Dizon relocated to Los Angeles, California and attended college as a film major for her freshman year.

Maharu Yoshimura
is a Japanese table tennis player. born on August 3, 1993 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. son to a Japanese father and a Filipina mother. His first name is a Japanese translation of the Tagalog word "Mahal", meaning "beloved".
In 2011, while in junior high school, he competed in the February Table Tennis Tournament Japan where he advanced to the top 12. He defeated Kazuhiro Zhang in the semi-finals but lost to Jun Mizutani in the final game. His achievements include the Asian Championships (New Delhi, India; the first victory of a Japanese player in the men's singles) and the All Japan Table Tennis Championships.
Masunoyama Tomoharu
(born November 1, 1990 as Tomoharu Kato in Sakae, Chiba, Japan), is a sumo wrestler of Japanese and Filipino ancestry. He turned professional in July 2006 and was the first wrestler born in the Heisei era to become a sekitori when he was promoted to the jūryō division in November 2010, alongside Takayasu. He reached the top makuuchi division in September 2011. He was injured in his top division debut and fell back to jūryō, but he returned in July 2012 and scored eleven wins, winning the Fighting Spirit Award. He followed up with a winning record of 8–7 in September2012.
Yuji Takahashi
born 11 April 1993 is a Japanese footballer who plays as a centre back for Kyoto Sanga.
was born in Shiga Prefecture to a Japanese father and Filipino mother. He has two elder sisters, Maryjun and Yu Takahashi, who are both models and actresses

On 30 August 2012 it was announced Takahashi would join Australian club Brisbane Roar on loan for the 2012–13 A-League.Takahashi would make his debut, albeit a short one, against Wellington Phoenix at Westpac Stadium, replacing Jack Hingert in the 90th minute. Takahashi played his second game for Brisbane Roar on 1 December 2012, coming on as a substitute.
Tomohiko Hoshina
is a Filipino-Japanese judoka from Japan. He competed at the World Championships, the Southeast Asian Games and the Olympic Games.
Hoshina was born and raised in Japan to a Japanese father and Filipina mother. He started competing in judo before the age of 10, his father is a judoka fanatic and encouraged him to enter tournaments. He continued competing in judoka while at college and he hopes eventually to become a sumo wrestling teacher.
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