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Copy of The characters of," The Last Book in the Universe."

I will show you the main characters of this book and their personalities.

ezequiel leyva

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The characters of," The Last Book in the Universe."

"The Last Book in the Universe"
By Rodman Philbrick
There are 6 main characters in this book...they are Spaz, Ryter, Bean, Little Face, Lanaya, and Billy Bizmo.
Spaz is the main character.
He lost his family so he lived with another foster family. Spaz has a good heart, he is also a risktaker, and very caring. He is called Spaz because he has a seizure if he probes, which is using a mindprobe to experiance a book. Spaz has a little foster sister named Bean that he will do anything for. He is adventurous and brave too. Spaz is overall a very kind person that has had to be brave and full of courage his whole life.
Ryter is an old gummy or old man.
He doesn't have much time left, but he is very intelligent and adventurous too. Ryter has the last book in the universe that he writes in. He started it and he will try to finish it. Ryter has a kind heart like Spaz and is probably one of the smartest people in the book. He was willing to risk his life to go on an adventure with Spaz to see Bean. He has lots of courage and bravery.
Bean is a smart little girl.
She is Spaz's foster sister that he loves more than anything. Bean is very open-minded and very caring. She had blood sickness twice and Spaz helped her through both times. Bean is free spirited and sweet. She, like Ryter, is also one of the smartest people in this book.
Little Face is probably around 3,4, or 5.
Spaz fed him "chox" which is like chocolate. Little Face has never really had anyone giving him sweets. This little boy has survived on his own his whole life and Spaz giving him that was a miracle, so he followed him on his journey. Little Face is small, probably dirty, and cute.
Lanaya is a "proov"
This means when she was born and geneticly improved in beauty, intelligence, and everything else that can make a human perfect. She lives in Eden, a pardise where she doen't have to worry about a thing. Most proovs are greedy and think of normals like Spaz and Bean are dirt and trash. Lanaya is different. She went on the journey with Spaz, Ryter, and Little Face. Lanaya wanted a sense of adventure and to help.
Billy Bizmo is a latchboss.
He is also head of the Bangers. So he has a big, important job. He let Spaz in with the Bangers when he got kicked out of his foster family too. However, Billy has a secret...so you will have to read the book to get more information on him.
To get more info on...

What the Bangers are
What Billy's secrect is
And why Spaz,Ryter,Lanaya,and Little Face went on a journey

Read "The Last Book in the Universe."
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