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Characterisation of Sajid

No description

Mirabelle Zeiler

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Characterisation of Sajid

1. General facts
2. Personal appearance
3. Relationships
4. Manner
5. Conflicts
6. Developement
7. Conclusion

Personal appearance
- plays football with Earnest
-> don't care about the conflicts of their parents
- insults pakistani
- takes part at Christ procession
-> doesn't feel like an pakistani
- hides in conflict situations
-> avoids conflicts
- protects/cares about his family

Sajid Khan
- 12 years old
- lives with his family in Salford
- 5 brothers and 1 sister -> the youngest children
- uncircumcised

Characterisation of Sajid
- from the movie "East is East"

- small, skinny
- childlike face
- brown hairs, eyes
- wears always a parka with a big hood -> symbol ?

homely boy in the parka,
conflict avoidance
boy with own opinion on wich he stands up for
- not the main conflicts from the movie (Generationconflict,....)
- has his own opinion
- keeps himself out of the conflicts
- final scene: big fight from family
- punch his father, to protect his mum
- together with his siblings
- hood tears off from parka
-> doesn't want it back
Relation to
George Khan
- nickname: Bastard
- Sajid is angrily about his father (scared)
-> he never disagrees George
- no personal interaction (except the circumcision)
=> no deep relation, George = Bad guy
Sajid - http://www.famousfix.com/topic/east-is-east/photos Date: 30.03.16 16:00
Sajid 2 - http://staticmass.net/the-emporium/east-is-east-movie-1999-review/ Date: 16.04.16 18:00
Sajid in Hospital - http://east-is-east-ak.blogspot.de/2008/05/circumcision-of-sajid.html
Date: 30.03.16 16:00
Family - https://1staenglish.wikispaces.com/East+is+East Date: 30.03.16 16:00

The Movie "East is East" - 1999 (SC)


Thank you
for your listening
Relation to Ella Khan
- nickname: Saj
- Ella loves him, Sajid wants to protect her
- he feels save around her
- doesn't let his pants in front of her down
=> mistrust against the relation
to George
Relation to his siblings
- push him around
- they don't accept him in their group
-> Sajid doesn't fell like one of them
- Sajid cares about them and wants to protect them
-> miss Nazir

Relation to
Earnest Moorhouse
- are best friends
- both accept each others
- he delimit himself from the "Pakis" in near of Earnest
-> indicates himself british
- Earnest isn't good enough for Meenah
- underdog in the family
- independend
- always there in conflict situations
- fight with his siblings
-> feeling of togetherness
- first time he shows his anger
- doesn't need the hood anymore
-> protect himself
-> stand up for his opinion

uncircumcised =
SC from "East is East" Time: 1:18:20
SC from "East is East"
Time: 1:04:57
The hood from the parka
- uses the hood to...
...dismiss the outside world
... as a protective coat
- loves his family (wants to protect them)
- own view at the world
- bad guy: George
- Conflict avoiding (begining)
- directly

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