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There's an iLibrarian for that!

Promoting the use of School Librarians in the new Common Core Age.

Samantha Roberts

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of There's an iLibrarian for that!

What your School Librarian can do for your students, teachers, and Common Core Implementation at your school. There's a School-Librarian for that! Need a well-stocked, up-to-date library full of engaging fiction and rocking informational text?

Need a flexible, alternative approach to getting books into kid's hands?

Need a comfortable, creative environment that encourages thinking, reading, and exploration?

Need an exciting library program that engages students in learning and supports literacy? There's a Librarian for that! Engaging Students in Literacy Need an expert on the latest technology? There's a Media Specialist for that! Adopt, investigate, research, find, buy, add, maintain, recommend, encourage, teach eBooks GALE Database Need a Common Core Expert within your school? For Effective Common Core Implementation -

You need and have a
Teacher-Librarian for that! Need a collaborator with teachers for student success? Teacher-Librarian Project-Based Learning A Common-Core Teacher -Librarian Expert Collaborators Expert Collaborators Trading Readers
Altrusa Read-in
All School Centers We have involved administrators for that! We have stats for that! Inviting Students to spread the word about Books! Library Dream'in Common Core Lead Teachers There's a Text Complexity Expert for that! Collaborators and
ILL Specialists 96 students worked with LMS to ILL books from Silver River Museum.

Media Specialist collected books and setup equipment for 3 days of presentations.

Ocala Star Banner was able to document use of resources across multiple facilities. TV Producers Learn, create, adapt, train, monitor Who are we? Find, buy, add,
maintain, understand,
recommend, encourage Special Speakers & Author Visits Book Fairs & AR Awards Book Bowls Internet Guru, oh my! Presented to parents and staff at SAC meetings & Parent Nights - Prepares resources of varying text complexity
- Support teachers by finding research materials Virtual Field trip FINDS Model Nationwide studies show that students in schools with endorsed librarians score better on standardized test in reading compared with other schools without one. Have a teacher-librarian and need collaboration for school success? You NEED
Teacher-Librarians for effective K-12 Common Core Implementation - Creates technology-based lessons for teachers to use with their students - Facilitates writing workshops and other forms of staff development READ Photo Contest Collaborative meetings, working with individual teachers, and special presenters Recently, the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA), which measures how well schoolchildren are doing in reading, writing, math, and science according to the state’s education standards, maintains separate test scores for subgroups of students who are economically disadvantaged, black, Hispanic, and have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). PSSA scores range from “Advanced,” which indicates an in-depth understanding of the subject and superior academic performance, to “Below Basic,” which reflects poor understanding and inadequate academic performance.

Consistently, reading and writing scores are better for students who have a full-time certified librarian than those who don’t. Students who are economically disadvantaged, black, Hispanic, and have IEPs (i.e., students with disabilities) benefit proportionally more than students generally. These findings suggest that staffing libraries with certified librarians can help close achievement gaps. Instagrok.com Pearltrees.com Symbaloo.com
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