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Harwood Walters-Davis Rainforests

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Harwood Walters-Davis Rainforests

The Rainforests Animals There are lots of different plants
in the rainforests like orchids,
hundreds of different kinds of
trees, Buttresses, and vines. The Rainforests Plants The average yearly rainfall in rainforests
is 400cm which is 157.5in. The average
temperature in the daytime is 93 degrees
at night the average temperature is 68
degrees. It is very hot and humid in rainforests. The size of some rainforest is
500,000sq. miles. Weather in a rainforest
And the size of rainforests rainforests are located in Asia, Africa, and South and North America. The natural resources in rainforests are water, trees, berries, soil, and flowers. Where are rainforests and what natural resources
are in them? Beautiful Rainforests One of the animals in the rainforest is the jaguar. There are also tree frogs, Harrier Hawks, Toucans, Blue Bottle Butterflies, Monkeys, and Armadillos.
The animals in the rainforest are very beautiful. Facts about Rainforests It's warm and wet all year round. Half of the worlds animals live in them. The trees can be over 200ft. tall. The rainforests floor gets very little sunlight. How Humans affect Rainforests Every year more than 25,000sq. miles of rainforests are cut down by humans. That is about the size of West Virginia.
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