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Octopus Compare To Human Digestive system

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alvin nguyen

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Octopus Compare To Human Digestive system

Octopus Tentacles
The octopus uses tentacles to suck off shells and immobilize the target. The octopus then puts it into its beak, for enzymes to break down the foods. The food then gets passed onto the esophagus. The food in the esophagus is digested with further pancreas glands. The foods is then passed onto the stomach a very strong and muscular part of the digestive system. The stomach relax and contracts to process the foods that is then passed onto the intestines to absorb the nutrient.The remaining food is then placed in the large intestines and is release out of the anus.
Octopus Digestive System Process
Octopus Digestive Parts
Suckers: Used for mechanical process and for protection.
Beak: Used for the entrance of the food and where the food is chemically broken down by saliva.
Crop(esophagus): Used as a path way used for the food to get to the stomach. In the passage are pancreas which are used to break food down.
Stomach: Used for further mechanical breaking of the foods.
Small Intestines: Used to absorb foods nutrient for energy or growth.
Large Intestine: Used to dispose remaining of the foods eg Shells,Bones, Gravel.

An octopus' digestive system
Crabs and Lobsters
An octopus can vary its diet in a life time but it's main foods contain of :crabs, whelks, small fish, mollusks, clams and lobsters. Octopus have very strong suctions and can also eat sharks as well. The octopus can also eat shrimps and other shelled sea animals this is because the octopus' suctions which can easily remove shells

An Octopus' Diet
Octopus Digestive Compare To Human Digestive system
Alvin Nguyen
Human Digestive System
The beak of a octopus is used like a mouth in a human. This is where the enzymes are used to help break down food and the place where grinding and cutting occurs.
The crop (esophagus) in the octopus is used to push food down to the stomach, in this pathway the more enzymes are used to break down the foods.
The stomach in an octopus has the same function as a human. An octopus has a muscular structure in the stomach which breaks down foods.
The octopus stomach passed the food into the small intestine where nutrient is absorbed.
The octopus large intestines are used to absorb water and eventually traveling to the rectum to be released.

Octopus and Human Digestive system Similarities
Octopus and Human Digestive system Differences
Octopus Digestive system
The octopus has a siphon which is different to a human because a human drinks water from there mouths but an octopus has a different entrance for water.
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